Sunday, May 3, 2015

MOHemp Ag Division

B: Agriculture and Seed Oil and Cake Production

Agriculture Equipment


2 Medium Sized Tractors with Loaders

1 Round Baler

1 Windrower/Rake

1 Oil Press

1 Dehuler

1 Seed Cleaner

Bio Diesel System

2 Semis and 2 Flat Bed/Low Boy Trailers-

Diesel Storage Tank

Diesel Generator (Equipment Power Supply)

2 Pickup Trucks

2 5th wheel trailers

2 Containers to house the processing equipment and storage

Most farmers involved in the Crop Farming Business have the field preparation equipment needed to get the land prepared and planted for growing hemp.

What they don't have is the specialized machinery to harvest the crop.  This is where the the company's custom harvest traveling crew comes into play.  Ensuring that the Hemp plant is harvested per the companies specs before being processed into usable Bio Fuel.

1)Contact and Enroll Missouri Landowners

2)Supply Seeds to Farmers in Early Spring

Prior to this Soil Samples are taken to determine soil qualities and needed Fertilizers needed for optimum growth.

3)Assist in Field Prep and Planting Mar-June

4)Periodic Checks with Farmer During Growing Season

5)Harvest Hemp Plants Late Summer/ early Fall

6)Harvesting Consists of Separating the Seeds from the Plant Material.

Seeds then are Ran through a Seed Cleaner, Dehuler, and Seed Press.  The seed press is used to press the oil out of the Seeds by compression system that mashes or squeezes.  Two useful products are created:

Seed Cake and Hemp Oil

7)Hemp Oil then moves to the next stage: Bio Diesel Production.  Upon Completion 1/2 goes to the farmer and 1/2 becomes the companies.

8)Ownership of the 1/2 of Seed Cake is then transferred to the Farmer for use in animal feed.  If the farmer does not require feed stocks the company will retain the product to market to other Farmers.

9)At the same time the bio diesel is being produced the remaining crew members will be processing the remaining hemp plant into Large Round Bales for transport to the Home Base for the remaining part of the product manufacturing process.

Note: the Hemp Oil and Seed Cake can be used in Medicinal and Food grade applications.  At this time I'm not exploring these end product uses.  I feel for medical/food applications the seeds would need to be processed in an area that is Food Grade approved.  I don't believe a field processing unit meets this standard for Human Consumption.  (This is something to explore and plan for future company expansion and also will be an additional money maker for the company).

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