Sunday, June 21, 2015

5 Income Producing Avenues Mobile Hemp Processing

MOhemp Energy and its 5 income producing avenues from the Mobile Processing Unit

  1. Raw Hemp Oil
  2. Biodiesel
  3. Livestock Hemp Seed Cake
  4. Hemp Hurds
  5. Hemp Fiber Pellets
  6. Added Aug 9,2015-Not Listed on the Flow Chart is the process I'm developing for the removal of Lignin from the Hemp Fibers.  It is my understanding that Lignin will be used in the electronics of our gadgets in the near future in places like Batteries, Energy Storage, and even Smart Phones.  Lignin on the microscopic level allows for fast charging and discharging.

How MOhemp Energy makes its money
MOhemp Energy 5 Income Producing Avenues of the Mobile Hemp Processing Equipment

Here's how MOhemp Energy will make Money

without the expense of the big ticket 14 Million investment of the Home Base Processing Facility by utilizing Mobile Hemp Processing Equipment.  Thus allowing MOhemp Energy Field Processing Units the flexibility to get into the Hemp business for less money making it affordable and profitable for the Farmers and the Hemp Industry.

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