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Hempseeds for Chickens Study

Effect of feeding hemp seed meal to laying hens
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1. Seed of the hemp cultivar Unika-b was cold-pressed to obtain hemp seed meal (HSM) containing 307 g/kg crude protein and 164 g/kg ether extract (60 g/kg linoleic acid, 120 g/kg α-linolenic acid, 160 g/kg oleic acid, lesser amounts of palmitic, stearic, and γ-linolenic acids).
2. For 4 weeks, 102 43-week-old DeKalb Sigma hens were fed on isonitrogenous and isoenergetic diets containing 0, 50, 100 or 200 g/kg HSM. Eggs were collected for fatty acid analysis during the fourth week of feeding these diets.
3. No significant differences were found between feed treatments for egg production, feed consumption, feed efficiency, body weight change or egg quality.
4. Increasing dietary inclusion of HSM produced eggs with lower concentrations of palmitic acid and higher concentrations of linoleic and α-linolenic acids.

The  effect of feeding hemp seed meal to laying hens by
F.G. Silversides and M.R. LefranÇois
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada , Crops and Livestock Research Centre , Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, C1A 4N6 b Nova Scotia Agricultural College , Truro, Nova Scotia, B2N 5E3, Québec, Canada, G1K 7P4 c Département des Sciences Animales , Université Laval , Ste-Foy, Québec, Canada, G1K 7P4
British Poultry Science Volume 46, Issue 2, 2005, pages 231- 235 Published online: 19 Oct 2010 DOI:10.1080/0071660500066183

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