Sunday, June 21, 2015

MOhemp Energy Field Processing System

The following diagram is the system MOhemp Energy will use to process the Hemp Plant for its Fibers and Seed.  The two main parts of the Hemp Plant that the Field Processing System focuses on are the Fibers and Seed.  

Flow Chart Image MOhemp Energy Industrial Hemp Field Processing System
MOhemp Energy Industrial Hemp Field Processing System Flow Chart

  1. Industrial Hemp Harvested
  2. Seeds Separated from Hemp Plant
  3. Seeds go thru a Cleaner then
  4. Huller before
  5. Seed Oil Press which produces
  6. Raw Hemp Oil which can be processed into
  7. Non Polluting Bio Diesel
  8. and Livestock Feed-stock
  9. Fiber Production starts in the Fiber Processor
  10. Hurds, Bast Material and Fibers are separated
  11. Before going into the Scale, Bagging, Stitching, and Shipping Area
  12. Income from Sale of: Hemp Hurds, Raw Hemp Oil, Bio Diesel, Hemp Fibers 

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Scotts Contracting said...

This diagram does not reflect the addition of the Hemp Lignin removal process.

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