Friday, July 31, 2015

Adviser Spoke-I was all ears

This isn't a word by word quote in the order we talked about things, its just how my mind seemed to examine and digest the wisdom before I make a financial mistake and how I've solved a few of the issues needed to address and overcome that he mentions in re to the MOhemp Energy Mobile Processing Station.

(1) the USA market is not ready for mass use from end users of Industrial Hemp in America.

(2) Competition from outside USA where labor is cheap in production of (example) Hemp fibers or hurds makes for a tough sale in USA. Especially since we don't manufacture much and demand is low right now.

(3) Hemp is so disruptive to so many businesses our Govt would rather pass Medical cannabis than Industrial Hemp -which is completely backwards to conventional wisdom.

(4) Hemp products are/is expensive in USA. If for example Hemp became legal to grow Nationwide the price of seeds would go sky high due to supply and demand and there wouldn't be enough seeds to meet this demand.

(5) There are existing Canadian buyers of Hemp Hurds but the price is so low because of the existing Lumber supplies that are fulfilling and meeting this need right now- is what prohibits a more widespread use of Hemp OSB panels.

He mentioned more but I feel that is enough background from someone who has 15 plus years more experience than myself in the Hemp and Flax Industry.

Now I see why it is important to have Advisers to a startup and I realized a few things that I have done wrong in presenting my startup business plan, that has been evolving night and day as I put the final pieces of the puzzle together.

  • I need to do a better job of explaining the MOhemp Energy system and processes of the Mobile Processing System that eliminates the $14,000,000 Hemp processing plant- such as the one planned in Oklahoma.
  • The Numbers not the Inventions need to clear and understandable.
  • I have to have end product users (pre-arranged). More than likely this is supplying an existing manufacture a raw material.

in the next MOhemp Blog Post I will go in details on
how I have considered and overcame all his suggestions
by the Mobile Hemp Processing System. The only thing
I've yet to solve is the end product buyers.
They will be the last piece needed to the puzzle.

Here are some more pieces to the big puzzle on why Industrial Hemp is gaining ground in the USA

Hemp For Victory 2016

Big clue today July 31, 2016: Ukraine- lots of Hemp seeds, needs income. Russia, cut aid to Ukraine. I'm putting 2+2 together.

I predict: Hemp For Victory Round 2, Spring Planting 2016.

Bringing back Industrial Hemp will jump-start American jobs and Small business and Make it disruptive to the existing biz as usual for American Big Companies- who also are the Republicans Repukitans base for the $$$ polluting the Politics of the USA.

Taking power away from big businesses who are and did sell out the American workers by outsourcing jobs overseas. President Obama realizes this and also realizes that by legalizing both Medical and Industrial Cannabis he is ultimately giving the people a fighting chance against the powers who have keep the average Americans struggling and under the thumb of Big Business Interest and overshadowed their voices in Washington and Life in the real World.

Will Hemp For Victory Round 2 be the cure all for America's Ills? Maybe not all but it will damn sure help a few. And I personally can't wait to work directly with the Farmers who will lead the resurgence of American Productivity and jobs that all start on the Farm! The added benefits will be the lessening of the grip that big business has on Washington.

Remember all these new Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis ventures are small new disruptive businesses that will take the power or $ money $ out of the big business coffers.

Hemp For Victory Round 2 coming spring 2016- in time for planting season. Are you prepared to meet this new demand?

I am Scotty MOhemp Energy.

“We are now involved in trying to figure out ways in which we might be able to use the industrial hemp seeds that are created in the Ukraine in the U.S.,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said yesterday in an interview. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hempcrete Fire Resistant Home Theory by Scotty

Will Hempcrete Save the Day for all future homes located in Fire Prone areas? Yes I believe its possible with Hempcrete and I can't wait to test my theory out!

 Watch this video how this hempcrete wall sample stands up to a blow torch and you tell me: Do you think a hempcrete home like Scotty designed stand up to a forest fire?

Just like the video shows a layer of fire-resistant covering I believe will enable a home to survive a forest fire as long as windows and doors were shuttered.  This is Scotty's theory that has not been tested yet.
Theory: Hempcrete exterior wall covering is fire resistant for forest fire prone areas
Scottys Theory: Hempcrete Exterior Covering adds Fire-Resistant Properties to a home

For added protection if I lived in a Forest Fire Zone similar to what happens in the Western States every year and is currently ravaging the Lake Berryessa California Area: The Wragg Fire, burning on the southern end of Lake Berryessa, Calif., flared up again Tuesday afternoon, burning an additional 150 acres. July 28, 2015.  I would also add Hempcrete to the Roof of the Building such as this design.

Hemp Home Catalan Vault Style Roof Waterproofing Detail
Scottys Theory: Hempcrete Roof adds Fire-Resistant Properties

I have been in contact with a Home Builder and Building Supply Store in Northern Arizona who also believes that we can build a Fire Resistant Home!

Will Hempcrete Save the Day for all future homes located in Fire Prone areas?  Stay Tuned.  I will soon be testing this theory out and submit my findings to Building Industry Personnel- with testing data that either proves or dis-proves my theory.

Trendsetting Energy Efficient and Low Lumber requirement Home Designs by Scotty, will they be Fire Resistant and stand up to a raging forest fire?  I hope so for the sake of everyone who lives in a fire prone area.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5th Milestone Accomplished StartUP update

The Industrial Hemp Invention that Scotty has been working on has made it to the prototype financing approval stage.  As I write this blog post my connection informed me that he did not see any trouble in the Investors not approving the budget to build the machine.  He is meeting with his partners and will have a yes or no answer in the next few days.

I'm on pins and needles to say the least.  All those sleepless nights, the 15 pounds of weight I've lost, and hours spent on the startup are about to pay dividends and assist the Hemp Industry in becoming a powerhouse player in the Ag Commodity business.

His exact words were: 
Its not like you are asking for multi-million dollar investment like some of the other inventors have approached my company with.  I see no reason they will not approve the funds to build the prototype.

If you think I'm betting the farm with this one company- think again.  I've always had a backup plans to build the prototype.  This is not the only company I'm working with or people interested in the design and invention.   They are just the only company working in the USA that has shown interest.  Like I mentioned previously in other blog posts my EU hemp connection who claimed: "Your Invention could be the Holy Grail of the Hemp Industry".  He has opened the door to established players in the Hemp Industry in Canada, Europe, and New Zealand who are also interested in the invention.

So one way or another my hemp invention will soon be a reality and available to anyone who would like to get in the hemp business.  The beauty of the invention is that it eliminates the high cost of processing equipment needed.

Stay Tuned more info will be available in the near future.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Notice to Missouri Legislators on Industrial Hemp

Copy of what I sent to Missouri Legislators involved in the Industrial Hemp Legality in MO.

Thank you for supporting Industrial Hemp for Missouri.
I have 3 Inventions that relate to Industrial Hemp: Harvesting, Hempcrete Building, and Lignin removal.  (lignin has value in energy and as supercapicitors used in electronics).

I have shared this information with my business advisers, people in the hemp industry, and others: who are and have been involved in Building Industry, Hemp Production, and Hemp Processing.  One of which said my invention could be the "holy grail" needed to bring the Hemp Industry Mainstream.

To be blunt: If you guys don't get off your butts and pass Industrial Hemp legislation these other companies I'm working with will use my inventions in other states and Missouri will miss out on being "First To Market." (During the HB830 committee meeting I presented at this was mentioned by a committee member.)

Missouri is full of great minds and businesses that my inventions will bring in much needed jobs and income as well as reducing our states carbon footprint (which is rated 6th from the bottom by the DOE of all the USA states.)

There are opportunities available in re to Industrial Hemp that will enable Missouri to: "Show Them" instead of lagging behind and having them "Show Me" or us.  Lets get off the sidelines and be leaders instead of followers.

Respectfully Submitted,

Scotty, StLouis, MO of the planned future business MOhemp Energy- (if Missouri legalizes Industrial Hemp).  If not I'm taking the business and possible millions of revenue to another state. MOhemp Energy could just as well be: COhemp Energy or TNhemp Energy.  I love our state but I cannot bring these inventions to market without being able to grow hemp here in Missouri.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

4th Milestone Accomplished by MOhempEnergy

While attending a recent webinar on USDA Bio-refinery, Renewable Chemical, and Bio-based Product Manufacturing Assistance Program as it relates to the USDA 9003 loan guarantees and programs last week that was sponsored by
Westar Trade Resources 
Westar one of the presenters answered my question on whether a Mobile Refinery qualifies for the 9003 Loan Guaranty!

Yes my inventions do and will qualify for the USDA 9003 program.  The mobile processing scenario was the last question answered at 1:25:16

This was the biggest milestone in acquiring funding as it guarantees the lending institution that funds MOhemp Energy startup venture will be protected financially.

The products that MOhemp Energy will be providing that meet the requirements are Industrial Hemp based products namely- Biodiesel, Biomass, and Lingin (used in supercapicitors see pdf) as well as energy conserving building products.

I'm excited to say the least and can't wait to get to work developing the inventions and assisting Missouri Farmers in generating a new source of income that has all the aforementioned positive energy benefits from a Natural and Sustainable Industrial Hemp Plant.

  • A supercapacitor (SC) (sometimes ultracapacitor, formerly electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC)) is a high-capacity electrochemical capacitor with capacitance values greater than 1,000 farads at 1.2 volt that bridge the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries. They typically store 10 to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than electrolytic capacitors, can accept and deliver chargemuch faster than batteries, and tolerate many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries. They are however 10 times larger than conventional batteries for a given charge.
  • Supercapacitors are used in applications requiring many rapid charge/discharge cycles rather than long term compact energy storage: within cars, buses, trains, cranes and elevators, where they are used for regenerative braking, short-term energy storage or burst-mode power delivery. Smaller units are used as memory backup for static random-access memory (SRAM).
  • Supercapacitors do not have a conventional solid dielectric. They use electrostaticdouble-layer capacitance or electrochemical pseudocapacitance or a combination of both instead:
  • Electrostatic double-layer capacitors use carbon electrodes or derivatives with much higher electrostatic double-layer capacitance than electrochemical pseudocapacitance, achieving separation of charge in a Helmholtz double layer at the interface between the surface of a conductive electrode and an electrolyte. The separation of charge is of the order of a few ångströms (0.3–0.8 nm), much smaller than in a conventional capacitor.
  • Electrochemical pseudocapacitors use metal oxide or conducting polymerelectrodes with a high amount of electrochemical pseudocapacitance. Pseudocapacitance achieved by Faradaic electron charge-transfer with redox reactions, intercalation or electrosorption.
  • Hybrid capacitors, such as the lithium-ion capacitor, use electrodes with differing characteristics: one exhibiting mostly electrostatic capacitance and the other mostly electrochemical capacitance.
  • The electrolyte forms a conductive connection between the two electrodes which distinguishes them from electrolytic capacitors where the electrolyte is the second electrode (the cathode). Supercapacitors are polarized by design with asymmetric electrodes, or, for symmetric electrodes, by a potential applied during manufacture.

Friday, July 24, 2015

MOhemp Energy Startup Progress UPdate

I've had three major milestones in the development of MOhemp Energy and how the business plan has moved a few steps closer to establishing an actual Hemp Farming and End product sales avenues for Missouri Farmers who want to grow a plant that makes more money and has significantly more positive energy benefits for our State of Missouri than the current number 1 and 2 grain crops-soybeans and corn!

I am excited to say the least about the progress of MOhemp Energy and the Industrial Hemp Inventions I have developed.
  1. I'm now hooked up with some major players in the USA and European Industrial Hemp Business.  They are reviewing one of my Inventions as I write this.
  2. I have contacted State Fair Community College in Sedalia, MO that offers classes on every-part of the MOhemp Energy business plan!  As well as, my contact with Washington University in StLouis for assistance on one of the byproducts of the hemp stalk and its energy values, replacement of plastics, as Supercapacitors, and reduction in the need of petroleum based products!  
  3. My closest Adviser is contacting his Building Industry team member at SIUE to discuss my application of Hempcrete into the building process I designed see a youtube vid of Scotty's Hemp Home.
I am so looking forward to assisting the people of Missouri in this Farm to Market Enterprise that will assist the State of Missouri in meeting its future clean energy obligations needed for the reduction of the harmful carbon emissions and business as usual of the Dirty Polluters in our State.  Whose only interest seem to be in protecting their shareholders bank accounts at the expense of the Publics best interest.

I plan to hire as many Veterans as I'm able too.  To help in the operation of the business.  MOhemp Energy has morphed into a few new and expanding industries and to be honest I will need some good help.  Who better than the Guys and Gals who serve our Great Country.  {by-product end uses and aspects that are growing from the modern day discoveries in the uses of Industrial Hemp.}

 I also still plan to #opensource one part of my Invention.  I mentioned this awhile back on @StLHandyMan on Twitter the other day.

Stay Tuned I'll update as time allows.  Questions or Comments answered asap.  
Build Green, Scotty

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Key To Green Buildings

Question: So why aren't more people adopting green building techniques into their home or business. 

Answer: The biggest obstacle for adopting this technique into every building is the short term costs to implement these techniques.  

For those who have been reading about MOhemp Energy's plan to address this biggest obstacle: The technique and system of using the Hemp Seeds, Hemp Lignin, and Hemp Fibers to subsidize every part of the process of growing and harvesting Hemp- from farming to the end result.  

This Will: enable MOhemp Energy to offer the Hemp Hurds to clients and customers at the lowest possible costs.  Enabling the Hemp Hurd used to make #Hempcrete with little to no expense.  Thus allowing a cheap and inexpensive alternative to building or renovating most any structure into a sustainable building.

If you build or renovate as a DIY project yourself, the lower costing sustainable Hemp Hurds materials will be a minimal investment.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BioJoe Diversification and Distribution Midlands Biofuels

  • Diversification and taking control of distribution are two ways Midlands Biofuels of South Carolina is keeping its doors open.

snippets from article:
  • My friend in the industry, Midlands Biofuels owner “Bio” Joe Renwick, recently shared with me some great news that is ultimately helping his business increase margins and keep operations going.

  • “Now I’m buying my petroleum diesel from the landlord and making more per gallon,” “Bio” Joe says. 
  • When you own the truck, you control the numbers.” He says he’s purchasing diesel from his landlord at cost (roughly $1.86 a gallon) plus 8 cents delivery charge on 30-day terms. After the 42-cent tax and 8-cent delivery charge, “Bio” Joe can sell the fuel for $2.65 making around 30 cents a gallon on just the petro.

  • He now sells on- and off-road fuel direct to small businesses and farmers, blending in biodiesel at their requested level and adjusting the price accordingly.

  • He says Midlands Biofuels just signed up Richland County library to fuel them with B50 in its book delivery trucks.

  • Midlands Biofuels is still making biodiesel every day, but not as much as it could. “We have the ability to make three batches a day, but right now we’re only making one,” “Bio” Joe says. 

  • Midlands fuels its own fleet with bio, and sells its blended product direct to customers. The company also still sells blends to the city of Columbia and University of South Carolina, but on a bid process rather than through contract. “We usually win the bid,” he says. The difference is that now, the company makes a good margin on the diesel portion of the blend, in addition to whatever the market will allow it to fetch for the bio portion.

snippets from article:

Biodiesel Magazine - The Latest News and Data About Biodiesel Production

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If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know.
Together we can make a difference and create a future that will benefit everyone.

Build a Green StLouis
Green Building Tips and Resources via: Scotty-
St Louis Renewable Energy
Green Blog

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hempcrete Post Frame Building Perfect Solution

Scottys Hempcrete Post Frame Building is the Perfect Solution to meet and exceed every need of the Energy Efficient and Sustainable Housing crisis that is plaguing America and beyond.

If someone else has put 2 and 2 together on this perfect match for building Energy Efficient Sustainable Building using sustainable hempcrete; I've yet to read it about online or from any of the many progressive builders I follow who are constructing and working on energy efficient buildings.  I consider myself a trendsetter in this type of construction technique.

This isn't the first time I've shared this design build construction technique and it will not be the last.  This is also the design that I will re-submit to NREL, Oak Ridge Laboratories, and DOE for upcoming contests for Energy Efficient Building Design.  

With this blog post I will demonstrate how the Post Frame Building Principles: saves money, saves energy, and saves resources.

Residential Post Frame Examples- The economical revamped old style of pole barn construction for modern day uses

In the above Post Frame Residential Building Photos notice the exterior of the buildings can incorporate any of the aesthetic designs your heart desires- Siding, Brick, Stone, Stucco, or Wood.

Here's How Post-Frame Buildings Can Save on Construction Costs

Fewer Materials Needed for Construction

Post-frame construction requires limited wall and roof framing materials, and minimal footing and foundation materials. Wood posts spaced 8 to 12 feet apart with a frame building system means fewer resources than most other construction methods.
Reduction of Labor Costs

Post-frame construction site preparation often requires fewer trades and less time. Fewer building components lead to less time for installation labor then those built with wood frame systems. This is because many post-frame building components come prefabricated to the project site.
Shorter Time of Construction

Start with a wood frame system site preparation. Post-frame construction utilizes posts to build frames. Augering holes for posts require minimal effort. On average, it takes experienced post-frame contractors two or three days to erect a basic frame. That includes posts, girts, trusses, and purlins.
Minimization of Construction Delays

Delays due to cold weather, even in northerly climates, are minimal. With frame building systems, post foundations can be installed on or below freezing temperatures.

Achieve virtually any aesthetic with post-frame construction’s flexibility and large, open interiors.
Post-frame construction includes various sustainable benefits. Many of which can help earn LEED Certification

Savings start 
in the Framing Design and Construction.  Notice in the following examples how the top image uses less lumber in the construction of the buildings structural assembly.
Comparing Post Frame Residential Building Designs to Stick Built Frame Building
Compare the Lumber Needs of Post Frame Building to Traditional Building Techniques image below

Image result for small stick framing building by Energy Vanguard
Example of Traditional Stick Frame Building Image Energy Vanguard
Have you been to the Lumber yard lately?  The cost of lumber used to build homes and buildings is at an all-time high for my lifetime.  Does it really matter what is inside your walls as long as it is meets or exceeds building codes for structural framing, energy efficiency, and holds up the roof of the home? 

Construction Estimate Example for Lumber requirement comparing Post Frame Wall 24 feet Long to stick frame wall 24 feet long both of which are 8 feet tall using board feet calculations using actual Board Feet of Lumber.

Post FrameStick Frame
 true dimensional 4x6 posts @ 8 feet spacing = 4 = 68 board feet (site built posts would be even less)2x6 studs @ 24 in spacing= 14 qty = 77 board feet
3-2x4 Runners = 31.5 Board Feet2x6 top and bottom plates= 38 board feet
Total: 99.5 Board FeetTotal: 115 Board Feet
Savings of 15.5 Board Feet15.5 more board feet
x 4 walls = 62 Board Feet Saved (almost the total board feet needed for the posts in one wall)Door/Window Framing is a push or equal needs on construction techniques for this comparison.
Board Feet Calculator

Upcoming MOhemp Energy Blog Post will compare the materials inside your wall and its energy efficiency R Values. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bringing It Home Movie Review by MOhempEnergy

MOhemp Energy is proud to review the free online screening of Bringing It Home by Linda Booker and Blaire Johnson.  For MOhemp Energys 100th Industrial Hemp Blog post.

Please Watch and Share the Movie free till July 11, 2015.  Purchases of the Movie can be made and 5 dollars of each movie sold will go to Vote Hemp to continue their fight for the right to grow Industrial Hemp in the USA.

Here is a few informative screen shots I took of the Movie. 
$1220 per acre from Dual Hemp Crop-Bringing It Home Movie
Bringing It Home Movie Screen Shot: $1,220 per acre from Dual Hemp Crop (fiber and seed)
Hemp vs Cotton and Water needs-Bringing It Home Movie
Hemp vs Cotton Water, Pesticides and Chemicals Comparison

Learn More about Bringing It Home Movie
Thank You to the, Bringing It Home Movie Sponsors: Dr Bronner Magic Soaps, Nutiva, Merry Hempsters, Hemptations, The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, The Park Foundation, Unitarian Universalist of Raleigh
Thank You to the, Bringing It Home Movie SponsorsDr Bronner Magic Soaps, Nutiva, Merry Hempsters, Hemptations, The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, The Park Foundation, Unitarian Universalist of Raleigh

Bringing It Home Movie Review by Scotty-MOhemp Energy

It was great to see the rockstars of the Industrial Hemp Industry that are revolutionizing the way Hemp is used as a sustainable and natural alternative to many of the chemical and oil based products on the market and on the store shelves.

I agree with Ms Anndrea Hermann that:
It is completely irrational that Farmers in the United States of America are not allowed to grow Industrial Hemp when we are importing Millions of dollars worth of Hemp products every year.

Hempcrete Healthy Buildings and were highlighted in six different parts of the movie with attention was given to USA's first Hempcrete Home in South Carolina built by Youtube Video Hemp Technologies, designed by Anthony Brenner of Healthy Home Consultant

Hemp Oil Business success featured an interview with Dr Bonners Magic Soap and others.  It was interesting to learn that the company David Bonner mentioned that the Dr Bonner Magic Soap business in 2000 had 15 employees and earned 6 Million dollars.  They had projected their company would be a 13 Million dollar company, after adding Hemp based products they have grown to a 43 Million Dollar Company.  They also talked about how the company had grown from 12 people working in the processing facility to 87 employees!

Hemp Clothing by Hemporium, and Pretty Birdie, Stephanie Teague highlighted how orders came in from all over the world for her custom made hemp based clothing, and how she orders her material from companies in China and Canada because she cannot buy hemp based clothing that is American Made.

Hemp Fabric benefits: 4 times UV and UVB Protection, 4 times wicking ability plus Antibacterial Properties
Hemp Fabric benefits: 4 times UV and UVB Protection, 4 times wicking ability plus Antibacterial Properties
BRINGING IT HOME has been an important part of Vote Hemp's and Hemp History Week's advocacy campaign to educate consumers and lawmakers about industrial hemp's uses for healthy, sustainable products for nutrition, construction materials, bio-composites, textiles, body care and more and why policy change is needed to bring this beneficial crop back to all of America's farmers for a greener future.

About Vote Hemp
Vote Hemp is a national, single-issue, non-profit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and a free market for industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis, and to changes in current law to allow U.S. farmers to once again grow the crop.

Friday, July 3, 2015

MOhemp Energy Additional Equipment Page 35

Once the hemp stalks and seeds have been processed they will then be transported to the Scale and Bagging Station where all the materials are bagged to order or resale.
MOhemp Energy Mobile Scale and Bagging Station
  • Scale
  • Bagging Station 
  • Livestock feed pellets 50-80# bags or Bulk
  • Raw Hemp Oil 50-80 Gal Drums or Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks for Biodiesel
  • Bags Hurds, Shives, Fibers, Bags or Bulk, 
  • Biomass Fiber Pellets Bags or Bulk

Mobile Biodiesel Production Page 36

Biodiesel Processor (450 Gallons Per Day) $10,952.80
MOhemp Mobile Hemp Processing System

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