Friday, July 24, 2015

MOhemp Energy Startup Progress UPdate

I've had three major milestones in the development of MOhemp Energy and how the business plan has moved a few steps closer to establishing an actual Hemp Farming and End product sales avenues for Missouri Farmers who want to grow a plant that makes more money and has significantly more positive energy benefits for our State of Missouri than the current number 1 and 2 grain crops-soybeans and corn!

I am excited to say the least about the progress of MOhemp Energy and the Industrial Hemp Inventions I have developed.
  1. I'm now hooked up with some major players in the USA and European Industrial Hemp Business.  They are reviewing one of my Inventions as I write this.
  2. I have contacted State Fair Community College in Sedalia, MO that offers classes on every-part of the MOhemp Energy business plan!  As well as, my contact with Washington University in StLouis for assistance on one of the byproducts of the hemp stalk and its energy values, replacement of plastics, as Supercapacitors, and reduction in the need of petroleum based products!  
  3. My closest Adviser is contacting his Building Industry team member at SIUE to discuss my application of Hempcrete into the building process I designed see a youtube vid of Scotty's Hemp Home.
I am so looking forward to assisting the people of Missouri in this Farm to Market Enterprise that will assist the State of Missouri in meeting its future clean energy obligations needed for the reduction of the harmful carbon emissions and business as usual of the Dirty Polluters in our State.  Whose only interest seem to be in protecting their shareholders bank accounts at the expense of the Publics best interest.

I plan to hire as many Veterans as I'm able too.  To help in the operation of the business.  MOhemp Energy has morphed into a few new and expanding industries and to be honest I will need some good help.  Who better than the Guys and Gals who serve our Great Country.  {by-product end uses and aspects that are growing from the modern day discoveries in the uses of Industrial Hemp.}

 I also still plan to #opensource one part of my Invention.  I mentioned this awhile back on @StLHandyMan on Twitter the other day.

Stay Tuned I'll update as time allows.  Questions or Comments answered asap.  
Build Green, Scotty

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Scotts Contracting said...

I was also informed by the USDA that my inventions qualify for a Loan Guaranty via the 9003 Biomass and Biofuel program!

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