Friday, July 3, 2015

Seed Hulling Equipment Example Page 34

Information provided by a French Company
Seeds Dehulling Machinery
The sheller is specially designed for rapeseed hulling and kernel husk separation in the oil milling plant.  The huller works by means of extrusion, shearing, twisting and tearing of the paired rolls. The kernel husk separator works by means of vibrating screens and air currents according to different bulk densities and sizes of the husks and kernels.
After cleaning, oilseeds such as sunflower seeds are conveyed to the seed dehulling equipment to separate the kernels. KMEC's sunflower seed dehulling machines adopt a unique seed dehuller and are controlled by frequency conversion technology. Sunflower seeds which remain unhulled are recycled within the equipment until properly dehulled. The efficiency of the dehuller is about 95 to 98 percent, with the rate of broken kernels at 2 to 5 percent.
Seed Dehulling Machine Technical Data
  • Capacity: huller: 100t/d(24h)
  • kernel husk separator: 50t/d(24h)
  • Husk separation rate: 90~98%(water content: 2~10%).
  • Rate of husk in kernel: 1~4%

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