Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hemp for Income, Jobs, and Soil Remediation of Nuclear Waste in Bridgeton Missouri and the Cold Water Creek area of the St. Louis Region

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The Landfills are such a boondoggle of Government "lack of solutions and action the Team has directed our attention to address the contamination is all the yards.  Which is important to us for the simple fact that: "It is not the homeowner's fault that the "Windblown or Waterborne" contamination is polluting the neighborhoods".  While FUSRAP and EPA cleanup activities may or may not help.  Our Team will and can remove the toxins from the soil with the 5 Stage Treatment Train.

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Scotts Contracting said...

I've worked up some preliminary worst case scenarios that will almost pay for the planned 5 year study. Depending on many things that may or may not work. I'm gearing for biomass end uses for energy. I am not going to suggest that any of the end products be utilized for human or animal consumption. Scotty

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