Friday, January 1, 2016

4th attempt Republic Services Phytoremediation Bridgeton Landfill

Here is what I just submitted to Republic Services on their website:

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Scotts Contracting with Lonnie Clark and 14 others.
10 hrs
Would your company be interested in a way I can reduce the soil toxins at the Westlake and Bridgeton Landfills at no charge to you?

I can pay for operation with the sales of the biomass that I can grow from the toxic soil.

This is currently being done in Chernobyl, Ukraine, and studied for Fukishima, as well as other locations around the world.

This also fits in with your sustainable efforts that you list on your website.

I have solutions for water collection points, drainage fields, and every scenario that your landfills have current issues with.

This will go along way in showing the residents that you are working towards eliminating the rads.

Per EPA I have studies that state: "Phytoremediation by Phytoextraction" is a proven way to eliminate and reduce the soil toxins and is the cheapest option.

As I stated I can do this for no charge and expenses to your company.

Respectfully submitted for the 4th time.


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Scotts Contracting said...

Sondra Koenig Wrote this on Facebook>
Its a great relief to me and my family to know that so many of you are working together, sharing information, acknowledging each other ideas, exploring every possible or seemingly impossible solution, supporting one another, fighting for change and acting on behalf of this community. We the people, deserve to go to bed at night knowing that our families are safe. It's going to take and army to make that happen and a army is what has come forth. I am very honored to be amongst such brilliant people who are devoted to ensuring that the people of this community are protected. Please know that I am prepared to assist in any way that I possibly can to help advance this movement. THANK YOU, ALL! I look forward to working with you all hand and hand for as long as this shall take. I am excited to hear the collaboration of innovative excellence brought forth at the Jan 21st CommUnity Meeting

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