Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kenaf Phytoremediation Heavy Metal Experiment Planned in St Louis

I just placed an order for Kenaf Seeds for a few test plots

and experiment project with David Wechsler.

 We will be testing and experimenting on and for numerous

 things that deal with removing heavy metals from soil.

The basis for the experiment is phytoremediation by 



  • I will be doing R&D on a Lignin Removal process
    Diagram MOhemp Energy Lignin Removal Station and Process
    MOhemp Energy Lignin Removal Station and Process
  • as well as working on my theory that: Electroculture which is also called electro-horticulture  will draw more toxins to the roots of a Kenaf Plant that can then cycle the toxins from the soil by Phytoextraction.

The two types of Kenaf Strains chosen for this project experiment are:

  • Kenaf 8234 Plant and Flower Image8234 strain, white flowers and mother plants from this seed were grown on largest kenaf fields for over 30 years in China
  • Flower Image of  Red Sabdariffa Thai Roselle Herbal Fruit Organic Herb Flower Kenaf Rare...Red Sabdariffa -Thai Roselle- -Herbal Fruit - Organic Herb - Flower 

The above mentioned leaders of the Kenaf phytoremediation experiment are also the founding members of the MOhemp Energy Green Hazmat Team that offer services to St Louis residents and businesses a less expensive monetary solution for removing heavy metals from the soil. 

Book Image of Electro-Horticulture  The Secret to Faster Growth, Larger Yields, and More... Using Electricity!Learn about nature's secrets for increasing yields, accelerating growth, and protecting against droughts and other calamities. Buy now to learn the history and science behind electroculture, uses & novel applications, and more! 
David J. Wechsler order the Electro-Horticulture book here https://leanpub.com/ElectricFertilizerBook

A vote of encouragement came in an email today Jan 20,2016

Keep up the good work Scotty!

It’s Time For Hemp … Again! 


mike flancher said...

This is great! Luv this - I luv seeing kenaf and cannabis growing and what they can accomplish when put in the right spots!

Scotts Contracting said...

This is a kool project with 3 people all working towards the same goal: Using plants to remove toxins from the soil. All three ways have been previously proven successful individually. This test will help determine if the process could be sped up.

There are 30,000 hazmat sites in USA that could utilize a form of phytoremediation to detox the soil.


Scotts Contracting said...

The MOhemp Energy Green Hazmat team is meeting in an hour to go over the planned experiment! I will also be adding a solar system to power the water supply!

mike flancher said...


carcode said...

i worked at carter carb. 70-80's with mercury and lead. in developing current epa cars. would like to clean me and soil food i eat.

carcode said...

i worked at carter carb. 70-80's with mercury and lead. in developing current epa cars. would like to clean me and soil food i eat.

Scotts Contracting said...

I would be interested in talking with you "Carcode" I may have a solution or two.

Scotts Contracting said...

The Kenaf Seeds arrived today 1/25/16 Testing will begin soon!

Scotts Contracting said...

Coldwater Creek - Just the Facts

Please Scotts Contracting... would welcome you coming to the FUSRAP mtg on Feb 17... perhaps you could discuss your cleanup solution with the Corps! Would also suggest you contact the Eqc Florissant and Florissant Community Garden.

We think phytoremediation is a great idea...

see the full discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/.../a.15934.../1681195322147212/...


Scotts Contracting said...

In the prior blog posts 1 & 2 on the Kenaf Phytoremediation Pot Tests I shared MOhemp Hazmat Team will be conducting phytoremediatin techniques to remove Heavy Metals from the Soil by Phytoextraction.

THE 3RD POST ABOUT KENAF PHYTOREMEDIATION POT TEST GREENHOUSE http://blog.mohempenergy.org/2016/01/kenaf-phytoremediation-test-greenhouse.html

Braxton Bradley said...

Nice work!

Scotts Contracting said...

Thank you for the compliment Mr Bradley. Unfortunately, the planned greenhouse experiment was canceled when I learned the guy with the greenhouse planned on stealing how the Electro Horticulture-system and process worked.

I will never get involved with people who are not honest and just in their dealings.


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