Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MOhemp Energy Startup Decision Time

Planned Kenaf Tests for 1st Round of Kenaf Plants

Question on sharing information on test results: Decision Time: to make the info public or private? How much should be shared?

Kenaf Test Plant Documentation

Timeline 1st Batch Kenaf Test Plants:
  1. started from seed
  2. Germination
  3. Moved Outdoors
  4. 1st Transplanting
  5. Flowers Developed

  1. All Above Previously Published 

    1. {Decision Time will this be public or private information. If you go public: 1) how far or how much information should or 2) will be shared?  What if any should be kept private?}
  1. Harvesting
    1. Height above ground
    2. Height with Root System
    3. Weight of Total Plant
    4. Weight of Root System with 4 inch Stem Cut {Ave Farm Equip Cut Bar Height}
    5. Weight of Stem, Branches, etc before dissection
      1. Weight of Individual parts Wet and Dry
Weight Wet
Weight Dry






      1.   Fibers
      2.   Core
      3.   Lignin
      4. Bast
  1. Liquefied Lignin Data

  1. Lignin Burn Temperature Testing

Before Temp
After Temp
? will it burn in liquid form?

When applied to Charcoal

Notebook Paper

wood shavings

  1. Lignin Testing Dry State:

  1. Fiber Data
    1. Length
    2. Size
    3. Strength
  2. Core Data
    1. Length
    2. Size
    3. Strength?

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