Monday, November 21, 2016

Tap Root of a Kenaf Plant

This is the Tap Root of a Kenaf Plant that I pulled
out of the ground 11/21/16.  The Kenaf Plant was
dying from the cold temps of St Louis the past few
days.  Two days of the temperatures below 33 Deg F
at night is all it took.

Kenaf Plants are also called Indian Hemp by some people.

These photos were also highlighted at the Hemp 
Environmental Forum and the Kenaf Community.

Root System of Kenaf Plants from the Kenaf Test Plants
Tap Root System of Kenaf Plant from the Kenaf Test Plants
Additional Kenaf Growing Notes

  • The seeds were planted for this plant in midsummer 2016.
  • The plants were only hand watered twice due to dry conditions and it wasn't a weren't necessity.  I was just playing it on the safe side. After watering them one day it rained that night so I wasted water-aarrgh.
  • This particular Kenaf Plant was over 10 feet Tall at harvest time.
  • Normal Size Bic Lighter was used for scaling purposes
  Kenaf Seeds from Scotty's Kenaf Test Plants
Kenaf Seeds from Scottys Kenaf Test Plants
  • Remarkable plant that started out as a seed about the same size as a pencil lead.


Anonymous said...

No Wonder Kenaf is considered a Sustainable Clean Energy Biomass Champion!

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