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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Bureaucracy Hinders German Hemp Farmers too

 German Hemp Fields 1998 till now show only a 7% growth.  

Even After 25 Years of Hemp Production Bureaucracy STILL Hinders Germany HEMP Farmers
Even After 25 Years of Hemp Production Bureaucracy STILL Hinders Germany HEMP Farmers

Meanwhile, bureaucratic challenges continue to hold back Germany’s hemp industry, key among them outdated narcotics laws that have led to confusion. 

Authorities have 

as the police and public prosecutors continue to interpret existing laws in a highly restrictive manner, sometimes failing to follow clear EU directives on hemp.

Source: Hemp Today

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hempcrete was finally approved for Residential Buildings!

The new code, set to be published formally in 2023, will feature Hemp-Lime (Hempcrete) under “Appendix BA.” Specifically, hempcrete was approved as a non-structural wall infill system similar to cob and straw bale construction, according to the report. The approval applies to one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses and should increase the availability of hemp-based building materials and facilitate greener construction projects around the U.S. source: Gangapreneur The Hemp Building Council had the following posted on their website: If we can get into building codes, we will lower hurdles to building with hemp products, make it more accessible to the market, and allow for large construction projects to see hemp building products as a viable option. Looks Like Scotty will be building that Hemp Home After All Jean Lotus writes: Hemp building materials were officially approved in the model US residential building code at a Louisville, KY public hearing overseen by the International Code Council (ICC) last week. Long before I started this Tumblr Blog [ https://stlhandyman.tumblr.com/post/696873573505253376/hempcrete-was-finally-approved-for-residential] I was using Word Press to share information about why I will building with hemp. https://scottscontracting.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/q-and-a-with-%ef%bb%bfhemp-building-expert-hemp-home-wall-details/ -Q-n-A with HEMP Building Expert: Mr. Greg Flavall Co-Founder and Technical Director at Hemp-Technologies Replied to My Question on Hemp Building: I’m designing a Hempcrete home and have been looking into a Catalan Style Spanish Roof for a roof system that does not require lumber. Do you think a hempcrete product would replace the concrete the Spanish masons use? I’ve started a series of articles on the planned build at: Q and A Greg Flavall Hemp Technologies Mr. Greg Flavall Co-Founder / Technical Director Hemp-Technologies Answered: “”having looked at your website and design I’m intrigued. Although we have not done this style of roof I do not see what lime could not do the same as cement in this application- if it were sealed correctly. Typically we are using Hemp/Lime for walls which is covered with 15-20mm of lime plaster for weather protection on a vertical plane. We install hemp/lime under the roof where it is protected as insulation and in the floor (above grade only) where it can breathe.”” If I can help future readers, listeners, watchers or anyone who would like to build with Hempcrete feel free to contact me here or send an email to scottscontracting@gmail.com and I will assist you or will direct you to someone who can.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Artificial, bogus, dummy, factitious, fake, false, faux... I could go on,

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that synthetic CBD in most cases comes from reprogrammed Streptococcus and modified yeast, and that's before we get to washing with Thiocyanide!

Seriously, let's look at other words that mean 'synthetic': Artificial, bogus, dummy, factitious, fake, false, faux... I could go on, but I think you get the picture. None of that says 'real'!

Is it me, am I the only one to be concerned by cannabinoid facsimiles?

Thursday, January 20, 2022

CBD Safety Research Gummy 1

My latest Hemp Product Safety Research into the ingredients listed on the CBD products being sold by a well known TV person with Hollywood Actors offering their supposed product reviews.

This is post 1 of a series labeled Hemp Safety Research Gummy  that also correlates with other hemp safety posts i have made in re on this blog in addition to the phytoremediation abilities of the great Cannabis Plants and its Ditch-weed Cousin industrial Hemp..  

Re-posted in Full below is the comment i made Hemp Environmental Forums Facebook Web page.  As stated I am not done researching the ingredients, the company, the product, and the entire product line. 

i am sick to death of Big Business using We the People as human test subjects and their never ending piggy bank that sacrifices our safety over profits. Scotty

How can ingredients that I can't even pronounce be healthy? 

This is the ingredient list from a CBD gummie advertisement. What I was looking for in re to this product was the 3rd Party Independent testing info of the plant prior to it being made into CBD.

Call me skeptical or over cautious and I'll agree with you, While nodding my head. I will also look you in the eye and ask- what has the: Medical Industry, Hollywood Actors, Television Spokespeople, Politicians, Main Street Media, FDA, The Agriculture Industry, and or Corporate America ever done that does not have a motive that places the profits over the people?

I was tempted into trying this product.  It's $6 price tag for the CBD gummies and a Tweet from a great friend for an unrelated CBD product enticed  me to click the web link.

After I read a few lines on the Flashy Website, I could feel the inner alarm bells were warming up. And by the time I had read the "same ole, same ole" ad campaign from a celebrity review / spokesperson. Those alarm bells were blarring. 

(To be continued) I'm using my cell phone and it's not the easiest thing for me one thumb type out.  There is more to this story. I'm not done researching, feel the product is safe, or know enough about the only listed product ingredient I can pronounce easily.

I also hope to get Paul's opinion and insight on the ingredients and or product. CBD extraction methods and any other truth bits and advice he may have.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

StLouis Hempcrete Enthusiasts

Hempcrete Building Retrofits are entirely possible! Exterior or Interior Applications available. 

Schedule an appointment to discuss with Scotty.

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