Monday, June 20, 2016

Little Green Thumbs Helping with Kenaf Plants

The whole family is in awe and pleasantly surprised to see how fast the Kenaf plants have grown.  The Kids and I have been watching and monitoring the Kenaf Test Plants since they sprouted in January. The Kids grow almost as fast as the Kenaf 8234 plants.
Little Green Thumb helping with Kenaf Plants
Great Help with the Kenaf Plants from the Little Green Thumbs!

smallest Kenaf plant getting close to 6 ft tall

will he grow into a Future Kenaf and Hemp Farmer

It is a no-brainer to see why Kenaf is a sustainable Biomass Energy Champion.  
Kenaf 8234 Sprouts- Jan 2016
Kenaf 8234 Sprouts- Jan 2016
In the 5 months we have been tending the Plants.  We have watched the Kenaf Plants grow from little sprouts to 6 feet tall plants with a stalk diameter of 1 inch!
Kenaf Test Plants 6 ft Tall June 2016
Kenaf Test Plants 6 ft Tall June 2016

Kenaf 1 inch Stalk Diameter June 2016
Kenaf 1 inch Stalk Diameter June 2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hemp Home Design Collection by Scotty

Industrial Hemp Home CAD designs by Scotty-Energy Efficient Post Frame and Hempcrete creating a Net Zero- Energy Efficient Sustainable 4 Bedroom 2 Bath, Gardens, Pool, Basement, Safe Room, Green Roof, Sky Lights, Dual Pane Windows, Fireplace, Hardwood Floors, Radiant Heating, Indoor Garden, Hedge, Landscaping, Water Features

Thursday, June 2, 2016

My Way Or The High-Way: Eco Cannabis Car

A SPORTS car made from cannabis hemp could lead the charge in making carbon neutral vehicles. Made from the chassis of a Mazda convertible, the hemp car is bringing a new meaning to the phrase ‘green machine’ and could soon be seen on high roads around the world. The man behind the car, Bruce Dietzen from Florida, hopes his environmentally friendly automobile could help debunk the taboo behind the cannabis plant and its uses. Bruce was inspired to build the sports car after hearing about renowned industrialist, Henry Ford, using the durable material in 1941 to build the world’s first hemp car.

For more information or to order your very own HEMP CAR, please go to Renew Sports Cars at

Thanks to Diana Oliver. For more information on Hempsters Plant The Seed, visit The film is available on Apple TV, Amazon, Netflix, ITunes, Hulu and YouTube.

Videographer / director: Quincy Perkins
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

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