Tuesday, June 2, 2015

HempTraders June2015

June 2015 Hemp News update

Every day, more and more Americans discover the benefits of hemp. This ever-expanding market includes healthy food and body care products, as well as eco-friendly textiles, clothing, auto parts, and building materials. Despite hemp's growing popularity, and the recent Farm Bill legislation that now permits hemp to be grown for research in states with hemp farming laws in place, the Federal policy for hemp farming - created in the 1930's is outdated and currently prevents U.S. farmers from widely growing this nutritious, versatile, and eco-friendly crop.

Federal policy on industrial hemp is beginning to reflect today's reality and ensure a better tomorrow for America's families and farmers, the economy and our planet. The 2014 Farm Bill was a first step, but we need to push Congress to pass legislation in 2015 that will allow commercial hemp farming.

June 1-7 is Hemp History Week

Hemp Seed On Its Way To Colorado, With A Federal Blessing

Following months of wrangling, the Colorado Department of Agriculture has secured a permit from federal drug enforcement officials to import industrial hemp seed from foreign countries...

Kentucky's 2015 Hemp Crop to Exceed 1,700 Acres; Up from 33 Acres in 2014  

Kentucky's hemp crop is expected to exceed 1,700 acres in 2015, up from just a 33 acres last year, state agriculture officials said this week...

First large-scale hemp processing plant begins in Colorado

A Fort Lupton plant is starting to test and process Colorado's hemp harvest, turning it into pulp that can be used to make paper, sugar -- even biofuels...

Nevada Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Hemp Bill

Lawmakers in Nevada have unanimously passed a bill to authorize hemp cultivation, sending the bill to Republican Governor Brian Sandoval for final approval...

Hemp industry is growing in Kentucky, attracting processors, investment

Kentucky's hemp crop is growing and attracting new investors to the state, according to Agriculture Commissioner James Comer...

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