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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hempcrete Post Frame Building Perfect Solution

Scottys Hempcrete Post Frame Building is the Perfect Solution to meet and exceed every need of the Energy Efficient and Sustainable Housing crisis that is plaguing America and beyond.

If someone else has put 2 and 2 together on this perfect match for building Energy Efficient Sustainable Building using sustainable hempcrete; I've yet to read it about online or from any of the many progressive builders I follow who are constructing and working on energy efficient buildings.  I consider myself a trendsetter in this type of construction technique.

This isn't the first time I've shared this design build construction technique and it will not be the last.  This is also the design that I will re-submit to NREL, Oak Ridge Laboratories, and DOE for upcoming contests for Energy Efficient Building Design.  

With this blog post I will demonstrate how the Post Frame Building Principles: saves money, saves energy, and saves resources.

Residential Post Frame Examples- The economical revamped old style of pole barn construction for modern day uses

In the above Post Frame Residential Building Photos notice the exterior of the buildings can incorporate any of the aesthetic designs your heart desires- Siding, Brick, Stone, Stucco, or Wood.

Here's How Post-Frame Buildings Can Save on Construction Costs

Fewer Materials Needed for Construction

Post-frame construction requires limited wall and roof framing materials, and minimal footing and foundation materials. Wood posts spaced 8 to 12 feet apart with a frame building system means fewer resources than most other construction methods.
Reduction of Labor Costs

Post-frame construction site preparation often requires fewer trades and less time. Fewer building components lead to less time for installation labor then those built with wood frame systems. This is because many post-frame building components come prefabricated to the project site.
Shorter Time of Construction

Start with a wood frame system site preparation. Post-frame construction utilizes posts to build frames. Augering holes for posts require minimal effort. On average, it takes experienced post-frame contractors two or three days to erect a basic frame. That includes posts, girts, trusses, and purlins.
Minimization of Construction Delays

Delays due to cold weather, even in northerly climates, are minimal. With frame building systems, post foundations can be installed on or below freezing temperatures.

Achieve virtually any aesthetic with post-frame construction’s flexibility and large, open interiors.
Post-frame construction includes various sustainable benefits. Many of which can help earn LEED Certification

Savings start 
in the Framing Design and Construction.  Notice in the following examples how the top image uses less lumber in the construction of the buildings structural assembly.
Comparing Post Frame Residential Building Designs to Stick Built Frame Building
Compare the Lumber Needs of Post Frame Building to Traditional Building Techniques image below

Image result for small stick framing building by Energy Vanguard
Example of Traditional Stick Frame Building Image Energy Vanguard
Have you been to the Lumber yard lately?  The cost of lumber used to build homes and buildings is at an all-time high for my lifetime.  Does it really matter what is inside your walls as long as it is meets or exceeds building codes for structural framing, energy efficiency, and holds up the roof of the home? 

Construction Estimate Example for Lumber requirement comparing Post Frame Wall 24 feet Long to stick frame wall 24 feet long both of which are 8 feet tall using board feet calculations using actual Board Feet of Lumber.

Post FrameStick Frame
 true dimensional 4x6 posts @ 8 feet spacing = 4 = 68 board feet (site built posts would be even less)2x6 studs @ 24 in spacing= 14 qty = 77 board feet
3-2x4 Runners = 31.5 Board Feet2x6 top and bottom plates= 38 board feet
Total: 99.5 Board FeetTotal: 115 Board Feet
Savings of 15.5 Board Feet15.5 more board feet
x 4 walls = 62 Board Feet Saved (almost the total board feet needed for the posts in one wall)Door/Window Framing is a push or equal needs on construction techniques for this comparison.
Board Feet Calculator

Upcoming MOhemp Energy Blog Post will compare the materials inside your wall and its energy efficiency R Values. 


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Scotty Scott's Contracting said...

I recently learned that I'm not the trendsetter I thought I was when I combined Pole Barn Construction with Hempcrete. http://mohemp.blogspot.com/2015/08/post-frame-advantage-intro-to-hempcrete.html Added 8/7/15: After sending the above email out yesterday. Mr G Flavall, http://www.hemp-technologies.com; contacted me from New Zealand about the Post Frame Building Process.

He informed me that his company has already proven the Pole Barn / Post Frame Construction process in Europe with success.

He mentioned that when the building was finished no-one could tell that it utilized a post frame structure to support the Building.

What can I say: Great Minds think alike! Scotty

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