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We Need Regenerative Farming, Not Geoengineering

Geoengineering has been back in the news recently after the US National Research Council endorsed a proposal to envelop the planet in a layer of sulphate aerosols to reduce solar radiation and cool the atmosphere.

The proposal has been widely criticised for possible unintended consequences, such as ozone depletion, ocean acidification and reduced rainfall in the tropics. Perhaps even more troubling, geoengineering is a technological fix that leaves the economic and industrial system causing climate change untouched.

The mindset behind geoengineering stands in sharp contrast to an emerging ecological, systems approach taking shape in the form of regenerative agriculture. More than a mere alternative strategy, regenerative agriculture represents a fundamental shift in our culture’s relationship to nature.

Regenerative agriculture comprises an array of techniques that rebuild soil and, in the process, sequester carbon. Typically, it uses cover crops and perennials so that bare soil is never exposed, and grazes animals in ways that mimic animals in nature. It also offers ecological benefits far beyond carbon storage: it stops soil erosion, remineralises soil, protects the purity of groundwater and reduces damaging pesticide and fertiliser runoff.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Gaian Dragon: Meet Fracking and Water 2

The Gaian Dragon: Meet Fracking and Water 2: Meet Fracking and Water 2 Fracking Loophole Tied To Pollution Of Drinking Water Dangers of Horizontal Hydraulic Fracking

Here is a way to use plants to clean up mankinds pollution: in re to Fracking and Water Contamination> Phytoremediation Rafts with Electrokinetics

Part 5 Plants as Water Protectors blog information series.

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Q: Kimberly asked, “Can ElectroHemp BioRad System remediate hydraulic fracturing chemicals?"

A: Yes the ElectroHemp BioRad System can remediate hydraulic fracturing chemicals in both soil, wastewater, and water recycling and can be accomplished a few different ways.

 1: Phytoremediation Rafts

 2: Storage Tank Separation

3: Contain and Control

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Health Ranger to Offer Cannabis Testing 2018


Who performs independent testing on your Hemp and Cannabis CBD and Hemp Oil products? Do you test for Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Fungicides, and other contaminants? 

With the great phytoremediation and phytoextraction qualities of the Cannabis Plant see [ElectroHemp Bio Rad] it is better to be safe than sorry.

Peering into my crystal ball on the future of Cannabis for Human Consumption. Lack of testing could hurt the Cannabis Industry as a whole.

I would feel safer if more Canna business used an Independent Testing Services for the Cannabis products they sell. Scotty 

Certifying CBD products to be authentic, clean and green

This new service, to be launched by CWC Labs, is designed to help consumers recognize safe, high quality hemp extract products that are independently verified by a third party laboratory to be authentic, clean and green. Product certification involves multiple tests on three different mass spec instruments, including ICP-MS and HPLC-MS-TOF.

As one of the pioneers in cannabis quantitation and validation, I am the co-author of a science paper published in the LC/GC science journal entitled, “Liquid Chromatography–Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Cannabinoid Profiling and Quantitation in Hemp Oil Extracts.” Since that science paper was published, my lab has developed even more precise mass spec analysis techniques that allow us to validate the following properties of CBD oil / hemp extracts:
  • Accurate quantitation of CBD, CBDA, THC and other compounds typically found in hemp extracts.
  • Molecular verification of accurate molecules, eliminating any possibility of counterfeit chemicals. (Using a combination of accurate mass, ion fragmentation, isotopic abundance, etc.)
  • The absence of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals. (This is a huge issue, as many hemp products sold today are derived from cannabis plants that are heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides.)
  • The absence of toxic solvents and extract chemicals that are frequently used in the industry even though they may pose a very real danger to consumers. Some hemp production companies, for example, are currently extracting hemp products using isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which is extremely toxic to the human body when ingested.
  • The absence of toxic heavy metals, and the presence of nutritive minerals such as zinc and magnesium.
In other words, we are testing CBD products for not just CBDs, but also for pesticides, industrial chemicals and heavy metals as well. 

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Homemade Chocolate Hemp Cookie

Agriculture Biomass Gasifier System and Info

Technical parameters of biomass (straw) fluidized bed gasifier system

 1. Straw storage, 2. Delivery 3. Silos 4. Fluidized bed gasifier, 5. Cyclone 6. Pipe dust collector 
7. Electric catcher 3. Spray tower 9. Circulating liquid separator 10. Fan 11. Buffer tank 12. Water seal tank 13. Generator set
                           Technical parameters of biomass (straw) fixed bed gasifier system
1. Straw storage, 2. Delivery 3. Fixed bed gasifier 4. Cyclone 5. Air cooler 6. Intercooler
7. Electric catcher 3. Intercooler 13. Fan 9. Separator 10. Buffer tank 11. Water seal 12. Generator set

After crushing the straw is applied with a biomass straw using a fluidized bed gasifier. Advantages: cost savings, shortcomings: do not use storage.

The briquettes are applied after the briquettes are used with the biomass straw fixed bed gasifier. Advantages: high efficiency, conducive to transport and storage, shortcomings: increase costs.
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1, the caloric value of straw biomass resources
      The caloric value of the straw was 3687 Kcal / kg (7.8% moisture, 69.11% volatiles, 5.71% ash, 17.38% fixed carbon)
     The caloric value of cotton stalk 3591Kcal / kg (13.4% moisture, 65.17% volatile, ash 3.20%, fixed carbon 18.23%)
     The caloric value of corn stalks was 3813 Kcal / kg (9.5% moisture, 70.31% volatiles, 4.01% ash, 16.18% fixed carbon)
     The caloric value of straw is 3139 Kcal / kg (11.6% moisture, 59.5% volatile, 14.1% ash, 14.8% fixed carbon)
3, the characteristics of straw biomass resources
   Widely distributed, small density, light weight.
   Can be compressed into particles or biomass blocks for easy transport and storage.  
   High fuel volatile, easy to fire, good combustion characteristics, high rate of burning ashes;
   Sulfur content is very low, only about 1/20 of the fuel oil, do not take any desulfurization and denitrification measures can meet environmental requirements;
   0 "Emissions: Health combustion exhaust substances CO.'s 2 and its absorption during growth CO.'s 2 the same, and instead of fossil energy, reducing the net emissions, in accordance with the" Kyoto Protocol "mechanism, biomass fuel CO.'s 2 ecological" 0 " emission.
4, Straw biomass resources analysis of economic benefits
Wuxi City to the Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. biomass gasifier can be 1 kg of straw fuel into 2 cubic biomass gas = 2400-2600 kcal.
4.1.1 . In the case of natural gas calorific value of 8900 kcal / cubic cubic, the use of special energy TENENG biomass gasifier, 3.4-3.7Kg straw fuel can replace 1 cubic natural gas.
In the straw fuel price of 200 yuan when the replacement of a cubic natural gas need straw fuel costs 0.68-0.74 yuan,
Natural gas prices of 4.5 yuan per cubic, enterprises can save 84-85%.
4.1.2. In straw fuel price of $ 300 when the need to replace a natural cubic straw fuel feed cost 1.03-1.11 yuan,
Natural gas prices for 4.5 yuan per cubic, enterprises can save 75-77%.
4.1.3 . In straw fuel price price of $ 400 when the need to replace a natural cubic straw fuel pricescost 1.37-1.48 yuan,
Natural gas prices for 4.5 yuan per cubic, enterprises can save 67-70%.
Note: Some developed areas to encourage the local government to encourage straw burning, straw processing enterprises to subsidize 200 yuan a ton, so that enterprises can save more.
4.2.1. In the case of diesel fuel calorific value of 10,000 kcal / l, the use of special energy TENENG biomass gasifier, 3.8-4.2Kg straw fuel prices can replace 1 liter of diesel.
In straw fuel price of $ 200 when the need to replace one liter of diesel straw fuel prices cost 0.76-0.84 yuan,
Diesel prices for 7 yuan a liter, businesses can save 84-85%.
4.2.2. When theprice of the straw fuel is 300 yuan, the cost of replacing the 1 liter diesel oil requires the cost of straw fuel price of 1.14 -1.26 yuan,
Diesel prices for 7 yuan a liter , enterprises can save 82-84%.
4.2.3. When the price of straw fuel is 400 yuan , to replace 1 liter of diesel need straw fuel costs 1.52-1.68 yuan,
Diesel prices for 7 yuan a liter , enterprises can save 76-78%.
Note: Some developed areas to encourage the local government to encourage straw burning, straw processing enterprises to subsidize 200 yuan a ton, so that enterprises can save more.
To sum up, if the enterprise is still burning diesel oil to heat, you can use cheap and available biomass raw materials using special biomass gasifier to produce biomass syngas to replace fuel gas equipment.
Another for some gas furnace users and coal-fired boiler users, because some places due to government policy factors, need to burn natural gas users, biomass gasifier and biomass raw materials is also a good choice,
Because if the enterprise to take natural gas pipeline, then the cost is also great, and the current trend of natural gas, natural gas is not enough, so the possibility of price reduction is very small.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

StLouis Pro Marijuana Bill Filed

Democratic Alderwoman Megan Green’s bill filed this week would allow only for penalties:
>for anyone using marijuana under age 21,
>selling to someone under 21, or
>possessing more than two ounces or
>more than 10 marijuana plants for cultivation.
Consumption beyond private residential property would be limited.

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