Sunday, January 31, 2016

Toxic Lead in StLouis Yard?

MOhemp Hazmat Team has natural solutions to remove the Lead and Heavy Metal Toxins from your St Louis property.
The MOhemp Hazmat Team wants to help you get rid of these toxins from your soil.  Drop us a line by email or contact us via the contact form on the website.

This natural solution to remove Lead and Heavy Metal Toxins from the soil is called Phytoremediation.

Phytoremediation is a big word for that basically means how plants remove the soil toxins by cycling them into the plant while it is growing in contaminated soil.  Phytoremediation is the Natural Way that plants can be used to remove the soil toxins from the land.

There are a few plants that can be used to extract the heavy metals from the soil.

While the Missouri and Federal Government is making up its mind on whether to allow Industrial Hemp to be grown in the USA.  MOhemp Energy is utilizing a sister of the Industrial Hemp plant called Kenaf to phytoremediate the soil toxins.

Kenaf is the legal to grow in the USA strain of Cannabis plant that has many of the same qualities of the Hemp plant.  

The future plans of the MOhemp Hazmat team will be crew that is comprised of USA Military Veterans

Source: Phytoremediation has been increasingly used as a more sustainable approach for the remediation of contaminated sites. The costs associated with this remediation method are usually lower than other well-known remediation technologies and some environmental impacts, like atmospheric emissions and waste generation, are inexistent. The biomass produced in phytoremediation could be economically valorized in the form of bioenergy (biogas, biofuels and combustion for energy production and heating), representing an important environmental co-benefit, added to others such as erosion control, improving soil quality and functionality, and providing wildlife habitat. Several case studies are reviewed and some challenges and opportunities identified.

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