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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hempcrete Fire Resistant Home Theory by Scotty

Will Hempcrete Save the Day for all future homes located in Fire Prone areas? Yes I believe its possible with Hempcrete and I can't wait to test my theory out!

 Watch this video how this hempcrete wall sample stands up to a blow torch and you tell me: Do you think a hempcrete home like Scotty designed stand up to a forest fire?

Just like the video shows a layer of fire-resistant covering I believe will enable a home to survive a forest fire as long as windows and doors were shuttered.  This is Scotty's theory that has not been tested yet.
Theory: Hempcrete exterior wall covering is fire resistant for forest fire prone areas
Scottys Theory: Hempcrete Exterior Covering adds Fire-Resistant Properties to a home

For added protection if I lived in a Forest Fire Zone similar to what happens in the Western States every year and is currently ravaging the Lake Berryessa California Area: The Wragg Fire, burning on the southern end of Lake Berryessa, Calif., flared up again Tuesday afternoon, burning an additional 150 acres. July 28, 2015.  I would also add Hempcrete to the Roof of the Building such as this design.

Hemp Home Catalan Vault Style Roof Waterproofing Detail
Scottys Theory: Hempcrete Roof adds Fire-Resistant Properties

I have been in contact with a Home Builder and Building Supply Store in Northern Arizona who also believes that we can build a Fire Resistant Home!

Will Hempcrete Save the Day for all future homes located in Fire Prone areas?  Stay Tuned.  I will soon be testing this theory out and submit my findings to Building Industry Personnel- with testing data that either proves or dis-proves my theory.

Trendsetting Energy Efficient and Low Lumber requirement Home Designs by Scotty, will they be Fire Resistant and stand up to a raging forest fire?  I hope so for the sake of everyone who lives in a fire prone area.


Scotty Scott's Contracting said...

http://www.pri.org/stories/2015-08-02/climate-change-fueling-spike-wildfires-across-americas North America is on fire. Nearly five million acres in Alaska have burned in 2015, and the wildfires are on pace to become the largest ever in Alaska’s history. More wildfires are spreading across Canada, California, Oregon and Washington. Climate change, scientists warn, will only continue to make the wildfires worse.

Scotty Scott's Contracting said...

Thousands abandon homes as California fires spread 8/4/2015-http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/04/us/california-wildfires/index.html

...more than 13,000 northern Californians who've been told to evacuate as the Rocky Fire rampages across almost 105 square miles in Lake, Yolo and Colusa Counties...

Scotty Scott's Contracting said...

50% of Forest Service budget going up in flames fighting wildfires – report - http://klou.tt/1a8cs75zntq75

Scotty Scott's Contracting said...

http://news.discovery.com/earth/weather-extreme-events/18-wildfires-rage-across-california-photos-150811.htm? The latest wildfire in California doubled overnight Monday -- about 12,000 acres are now burning in the Jerusalem Fire in Lake County, north of Napa. The fire is only 8-15 percent contained. More than 1,100 firefighters are battling the blaze, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The nearby Rocky Fire was burning nearly 70,000 acres on Tuesday and was nearly 90 percent contained. The fires are so close, there's concern they might merge.

Below are some of the dramatic shots around the web and social media of the 18 wildfires burning across the state, most of them in Northern California.

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