Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disruptive Investors Wanted

Snippets of info contained in the MOhemp startup business plan for investors.

The Green Building MOhemp Crew will utilize the products made by the company to build new and renovate existing buildings for energy efficiency and creature comforts.

It would benefical for the company to have a display home or building that utilizes the company made hemp products.  Showcasing how great the product is and the wide variety of uses.  (In addition to a company store.)

This will also give the company a building to test for real life energy stats, fire resistance demonstrations, advertising, product building demonstrated, community relations, and more.

The products showcased: Hemp Hurds and Fibers will be used as Natural Sustainable and VOC free insulation.  

Europe and other countries have been utilizing the hemp plant for a few years now, advertised using the Timber Frame construction techniques.

For New Construction: Hempcrete can be adapted into the different types of construction used today.  

Standard Framing such as the home in South Carolina, deemed America's first Hempcrete Home.

I compare the European Timber Frame Construction techniques to American Post Frame building technology.

The most economical way to build buildings is by utilizing the Post Frame Construction Techniques.  This is very similar to the Timber Frame Construction Technique.  What is appealing for this type of construction is the reduced lumber needs.

MOhemp Building Products will also be available for purchase in the company store, online website ordering, and through building suppliers/lumber yards.

Snippets of information from the MOhemp business startup plan.

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