Friday, June 26, 2015

MOhemp Energy Funding Slideshow Table of Contents

MOhemp Energy is about the let the cat out of the bag and share the Startup Business Plan for the Mobile Hemp Fiber and Seed Oil Production System with Investors, Bankers, State of Missouri Agriculture and Energy Divisions, and the US Department of Energy.

I've counted 8 programs that will be directly related to: funding, tax credits, financing, loan guarantees, and additional financial resources, assistance and support.

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  1. Missouri Livestock End uses
  2. Hemp Infrastructure Lessons
  3. Establishing MOhemp Certified Seed
  4. Hemp Yield Production
  5. 1,000-3,000 Acre Hemp Production Estimates
  6. 1,000-3,000 Acre Hemp Production Estimate in Bushels
  7. Industrial Hemp Plant Biomass Energy Value
  8. Hemp vs Corn and Soybeans Monetary Value
  9. Hemp Estimated Returns to Land, Capital: comparison to corn, soybeans...
  10. Green and Sustainable Building Trends
  11. Missouri Energy Efficiency Ranking
  12. Missouri Clean Energy Power Plan
  13. MOhemp Energy will be poised to help the State become Energy Efficient
  14. Mobile Hemp Processing Equipment
  15. Mobile Hemp Fiber Processing Unit
  16. Mobile Hemp Fiber Processing
  17. Mobile Hemp Fiber Processing- End Hemp Product Examples
  18. Portable Hemp Biomass Pellet Mill
  19. Hemp Grain and Seed Cleaner
  20. Hemp Seed Oil Press
  21. Hemp Seed Huller
  22. Additional Ag Equipment and Supplies
  23. MOhemp Energy Mobile Biodiesel Processor
  24. Biodiesel Savings Chart
  25. Biodiesel Supplies Direct Energy Needs
  26. Blank
  27. Missouri Qualified Biodiesel Producer Incentive Fund
  28. Missouri Farmer Co-op Opportunity
  29. Additional Co-op information
  30. Missouri Beginning Farmer Loan Guarantee
  31. Single Purpose Loan Guarantee
  32. Alternative Agriculture Loan Program
  33. Alternative Agriculture Loan Program
  34. Missouri Agri Business Revolving Loan Fund
  35. Missouri Agri Business Revolving Loan Fund
  36. Missouri Guarantee Loan Programs
  37. Missouri Specialty Crop Programs
  38. State of Missouri Financial Ag Grant Programs
  39. Missouri Ag Loans
  40. Missouri Tax Credits
  41. Federal Biomass Funding Program
  42. Federal Biomass Funding Program
  43. Federal Biomass 2015 Research Development Initiative
  44. Blank
  45. Federal Biomass Request for Help
  46. MOhemp Energy Supporting Documents

Missouri Farmers Lets Grow Hemp-Partner with MOhemp Energy
MOhemp Energy is seeking Missouri Farmers to Grow Industrial Hemp

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