Friday, July 3, 2015

Mobile Seed Oil Press Page 33

Hemp Seed Oil Press
Oil Press $19,990.00
The double head press extract more oil from most feedstock, up to 38% and 10% more output than a single oil press and can be configured in either single head or double head, providing maximum flexibility for an oil press. 
  • a work horse and ideal for large scale production operation who have three phase 380/480v power options. 
  • screw press designed for extracting oil from any oil seed, algae or almost anything that contains oil. It is an ideal oil press for production of biodiesel and edible oil. 
  • superior to most of its competitors because it has a “squeeze” rather than a “crush” philosophy, making the parts last longer, metal is not touching metal.

These presses extract up to 94% oil from large variety of oilseed and algae. The extruded meal is perfect for fuel or feed.
Highpower Hemp Seed Oil Press 

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