Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Key To Green Buildings

Question: So why aren't more people adopting green building techniques into their home or business. 

Answer: The biggest obstacle for adopting this technique into every building is the short term costs to implement these techniques.  

For those who have been reading about MOhemp Energy's plan to address this biggest obstacle: The technique and system of using the Hemp Seeds, Hemp Lignin, and Hemp Fibers to subsidize every part of the process of growing and harvesting Hemp- from farming to the end result.  

This Will: enable MOhemp Energy to offer the Hemp Hurds to clients and customers at the lowest possible costs.  Enabling the Hemp Hurd used to make #Hempcrete with little to no expense.  Thus allowing a cheap and inexpensive alternative to building or renovating most any structure into a sustainable building.

If you build or renovate as a DIY project yourself, the lower costing sustainable Hemp Hurds materials will be a minimal investment.

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