Thursday, January 7, 2016

Manhattan Project Nuclear Waste Shipping Container and Dump Site

I received an interesting request from a fellow StLouis neighbor.  Who asked me to run down information about this old 1940s shipping container that his Father saved from his time while working for Malicrodt hauling the dirt that contained the nuclear waste. 

He mentioned Niagra Falls (this set off alarm bells in my head-Love Canal) so I did a quick google search and found some very interesting information.  I was shocked to learn that: 37 million gallons of nuclear waste that was secretly dumped into drinking wells as reported by RALPH BLUMENTHAL of the New York Times
  • The Army and a defense contractor dumped more than 37 million gallons of radioactive caustic wastes from the World War II atomic bomb project in shallow wells at Tonawanda, N.Y., near Buffalo, between 1944 and 1946, a New York State toxic waste task force reported yesterday.
  • The disposal method was specifically chosen, the panel said, to hide the source of the contamination. The report, by the New York State Assembly Task Force on Toxic Substances, also offered new data to dispute an earlier Army denial of involvement in dumping at Love Canal in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Manhattan Project Nuclear Waste Shipping Container StLouis to New York

I'm not blind and I now can see the source for the 37 million gallons of radioactive waste was generated by the St Louis Involvement in the Manhattan Project.

image nuclear waste shipping container with what looks like stain could be Nuclear Waste
Is this stain spilled nuclear waste on the shipping container?  

This has to be the reason his Father keep the shipping container as a souvenir and more proof of how deep the Rabbit Hole of the Nuclear Industry really goes.
I'm honestly worried for the safety and health of this Vietnam Veteran when I saw the stain on the shipping container.  Is this stain spilled nuclear waste on the shipping container?  

We had many conversations over the phone and I was taking mental notes as well as looking up previously undisclosed nuclear waste dump sites that his Father mentioned.

One of which could be the image below, that is located in a Region of St Louis.

Brown patch of land in image could be location unknown radioactive dumpsite
Previously Undisclosed Radioactive Dump Site Location in the StLouis Region

MOhemp Energy Hazmat Crew will be visiting this site and many more that this Viet Nam Veteran believes are in the StLouis area.

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