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MOhemp Energy Kyoto Hemp Forum Presentation Notes

MOhemp Energy Seeking Missouri Farmers to grow Hemp
MOhemp Energy Kyoto Presentation Notes

Hats off to the everyone who has been working behind the scenes at the 1st Annual Hemp Environmental Forum as well as the Sponsors and Presenters who have been sharing the groundbreaking discoveries, inventions, news, and advancements that the Hemp Industry is experiencing.
Many thanks Nayer and Takashi and the other great minds of the Kyoto Hemp Forum for welcoming and including the discoveries and inventions the MOhemp Energy Team has made.

The "ElectroHemp's" Teams goals: are to save lives and help our immediate community by improving 
the quality of life for those affected by the Nuclear Waste that is illegally buried at ‪#‎WestlakeLandfill‬  
and the ‪#‎ColdwaterCreek‬ areas of the Region.
 The team has figured out how to cycle the toxins from the 
ground faster than has been previously done with a 
Natural System. And then dispose of these toxins which are 
made inert ie: "non hazardous". This process is accomplished 
by using natural and organic resources.

 It’s truly an Honor and personally humbling to be given an opportunity to share and add our teams voice to the 1st Annual International Hemp Forum and how

Hemp is The Lifeline to the Future.

In these troubling times mankind is facing from the effects of Climate Change.  Believe it or not, there are many ways that the cannabis plant will be instrumental in negating the environmental destruction that is wreaking havoc on our Planet.  Hemp is one of the few plants that can be grown all around the world that addresses and nullifies so many problems that threaten mankind's continued existence on this planet.
Kyoto Hemp Forum Advertisement
Because of Hemp’s ability to
  • absorb the toxins in the soil and water by phytoremediation or
  • Hemp’s ability to cycle the CO2 emissions from the air we breathe or
  • all the sustainable products made from Hemp.  

Hemp will be a energy efficient income driver for local communities by
  • creating energy efficient building products
  • such as Hempcrete and
  • Hemp Fiber Insulation as well as a
  • sustainable Biomass Energy Provider champion.  

There is no better time than the present for the World to recognize that Hemp is the Lifeline to the Future.

However you are viewing the First Annual Hemp International Forum rest assured that all of the
"Hemp Industry Pros really do have solutions to correct the wrongs that mankind has brought on this world we live in.  

You have been given a front row seat and are witnessing the early stages of reviving an age old industry that will bring many future advancements to our World, I’m sure you too will realize it’s a no brainer that the great Cannabis plant should be grown and utilized everywhere.

Hemp is the Lifeline to the Future.  If you don’t believe me just keep watching and taking notes and you too will have the ah-hah moment.

Introducing the
"1st International Hemp Environmental Forum 2016 in Kyoto, Japan" 

[Cloud Funding is in effect @ JAPANGIVING for holding this forum]

Also for more information in English - visit (

-HEMP Lifeline to the Future-

We are holding a kick-off event known as "International Hemp Environmental Forum 2016" which is being organized to focus and bring to fruition a solution to the environmental issues facing our beautiful planet, Japan as the starting point.

This upcoming event will be held in the city of Kyoto, Japan, which is globally known as an international environmental city, together with global hemp farmers, hemp industrial companies, enthusiastic hemp evangelists as well as environmental specialists will be assembling to network and bring about a global hemp revolution, starting in Nihon and spreading world wide.

Hemp, the plant bearing the scientific designation Cannabis Sativa, L. is an annual plant that is known as sustainable plant resource, and it's not only utilized as food, clothes, and housing material, but also in various fields like energy production, medicinal purposes and industrial material. More importantly, it is a huge asset as an alternative resource for underground resources like fossil fuel and for forest resources. It is said that amount of carbon dioxide the hemp absorbs during its vegetative stage is 3 to 7 times as deciduous tree. The hemp plant should be a symbol of biomass resources because of its characteristics and possibility of contribution for low carbon society. It is without a doubt that hemp is an ideal plant to make our earth into perpetually circulating society, which is exactly what humans need for the future.

We are here to announce to the world that we are taking a big step towards building our sustainable future and recycling-oriented society by implementing the most of hemp’s value.

Date & time: July, 2, 2016 (Saturday) 10:00~19:00
Place: Kyoto International Conference Center, Conference Room D (Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city)
Sponsor : NPO Japan Hemp Association (registered)
Official Supporter : Kyoto City

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