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Monday, May 18, 2015

Hemp Farming Infrastructure Lessons

I've been watching and taking a few notes on the Kentucky and European Industrial Hemp Farmers and Hemp processing plants and the business lessons they are learning on the Fly.

This MOhemp Energy blog post will compare its business plan against the lack of planning of the Kentucky hemp farmers are now dealing with.

The snippets of information from hemp.com highlight how easily the Hemp Plants grow but then what?  Without the infrastructure (hemp processing plant) they're dead in the water as far as immediate income potential. 

MOhemp by working directly with Farmers in the growing, harvesting, and processing the Raw Hemp Materials into actual Products for use eliminates the Kentucky Lack of Hemp Infrastructure. 

Here are the snippets from the Hemp.com site that backup my claim:
          "There is still no successful infrastructure to allow local area farmers and land owners the distribution networks they need to supply commercial hemp product companies with their industrial hemp crop.
              ...the hemp crops have begun to flourish at a mind-blowing rate. The industrial hemp stalks have now grown from 6 feet to a whopping 16 feet in just two months...
                “It’s exciting,” University of Kentucky plant researcher David Williams said. “It’s new. It has potential... plans to harvest the industrial hemp crop in September and compare its growth to the 12 other varieties of hemp he has planted. “I think we can grow larger plants with a full growing season,”
             At another industrial hemp plot, Williams says he is very happy with his 7 to 8 foot plants, exclaiming, “We did have one little dry spell after planting, but have not irrigated this crop, so it’s doing quite well,” As you can read in hemp news, the crop doesn’t take much to grow and maintain. Like a weed, it will virtually grow anywhere and in any type of soil. Williams also said he wishes to experiment with fertilizers and herbicides. “This is just a baby step this year…It’s a tiny, tiny step in a very positive direction, but there’s lots that we need to know.” "

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