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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Biodiesel Advice by USfreedomfuels

John advises:

Let me start by saying, any triglyceride oil will work for producing Biodiesel fuel. This includes beef fat, pork fat, chicken fat, and fish oils. I have even produced excellent Biodiesel from mink oil.

When you open your mind to options other than WVO, the options truly become limitless.

For example, you could use Palm oil or sunflower oil, both make great fuel.

You could use algae.

The algae need to have the water removed, then pressed to extract the oil. Algae contain about 50% oil by weight, and it is completely renewable, grows like crazy, and can be harvested from the same plates every 24 hours.

Now that I have your mind open to alternative feedstocks, I want to caution you.

Do your homework.

Each feedstock has a unique requirement for extracting, handling and processing.

Your geographical location will be the determining factor in your feedstock choice.

For example; we are currently working with a farmer from Idaho.
He is 60 miles from the nearest city.  WVO is not readily available, so he has planted a dozen acres with Camelina.

He purchased a small screw press, and he will have a yield of 5000 gallons of oil from his Camelina.
This is enough to operate his farm, and heat his home.

His first year savings based on the current off-road diesel price of $2.50 per gallon will be $8500.

Another customer from Nova Scotia had access to 700 tons of mink oil per year. Mink oil has excellent low temperature flow ability, no special handling was required.

700 tons works out to 14,000 gallons of the finest Biodiesel fuel I have ever seen.

It has the color of Kerosene, and the BTU's of #2 diesel fuel. The first year saving, based on current Canadian fuel prices will be in excess of $45,000.

Two great examples of looking outside the box!

Whether you build your fuel from WVO, Chicken Fat, Soy Beans, or Salmon, the result is the same.
You will be doing your part to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and saving yourself some serious money.  (Or Industrial Hemp like MOhemp is planning)

Regardless of your feedstock, we have a Processor to handle the job, and give you the results you deserve!

ASTM Spec Biodiesel Fuel, Consistently!
Warm Regards,

John Harrod, President
U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC
U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels LLC

369 Scout Rd
Mosinee, WI

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