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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Notice to Missouri Legislators on Industrial Hemp

Copy of what I sent to Missouri Legislators involved in the Industrial Hemp Legality in MO.

Thank you for supporting Industrial Hemp for Missouri.
I have 3 Inventions that relate to Industrial Hemp: Harvesting, Hempcrete Building, and Lignin removal.  (lignin has value in energy and as supercapicitors used in electronics).

I have shared this information with my business advisers, people in the hemp industry, and others: who are and have been involved in Building Industry, Hemp Production, and Hemp Processing.  One of which said my invention could be the "holy grail" needed to bring the Hemp Industry Mainstream.

To be blunt: If you guys don't get off your butts and pass Industrial Hemp legislation these other companies I'm working with will use my inventions in other states and Missouri will miss out on being "First To Market." (During the HB830 committee meeting I presented at this was mentioned by a committee member.)

Missouri is full of great minds and businesses that my inventions will bring in much needed jobs and income as well as reducing our states carbon footprint (which is rated 6th from the bottom by the DOE of all the USA states.)

There are opportunities available in re to Industrial Hemp that will enable Missouri to: "Show Them" instead of lagging behind and having them "Show Me" or us.  Lets get off the sidelines and be leaders instead of followers.

Respectfully Submitted,

Scotty, StLouis, MO of the planned future business MOhemp Energy- (if Missouri legalizes Industrial Hemp).  If not I'm taking the business and possible millions of revenue to another state. MOhemp Energy could just as well be: COhemp Energy or TNhemp Energy.  I love our state but I cannot bring these inventions to market without being able to grow hemp here in Missouri.


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Scotty Scott's Contracting said...

I did get a reply email from my Missouri Senator: "Thank you for your email. Please know I am supportive of industrial hemp and believe it will have a good chance to pass next session."

I replied: "Please be a little more specific: next session is when? If it is not in time for planting next spring then I might as well pursue avenues in other states.

Like I said: I love our state but my inventions and the companies I'm involved with already are established in other states (TN, CO, IN, Canada, New Zealand, EU). I want to see my inventions benefit Missourians and Missouri Farmers who grow the most treasured resource: Food.

Thank you for the time and thoughts in re.


Guess what the answer was: "Session is from January to mid-May. When a law is passed by the general assembly and then the governor signs it, it becomes law August 28th.

Sorry to hear you will have to move out of Missouri but I understand.

Good luck."

Can you guess what i'm going to do! Its know wonder Missouri is in the shape its in.

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