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Monday, February 22, 2016

Pt2 Investor Business Partner Adviser Update

In pt1 MOhemp Energy financial update mentioned: Green Remediation, Lignin Removal, and the affordable 
 Fiber Processing One-Pass Farm Machine.

Part 2:

MOhemp Hazmat update:
Electro Culture Heavy Metal Movement Chart Diagram

MOhemp Hazmat Electro Horticulture Phytoremediation Diagram
MOhemp Hazmat green remediation 5 stage treatment train
MOhemp Hazmat Natural Bio Water Filtration CAD design

 The 5 Stage Treatmennt Train and Process will be presented to the state AG, FUSRAP, MO DNR, EPA, and local community members.

  • Heavy Metal Soil and Material Testing Lab and Personnel will perform on-site testing.

MOhemp Energy update:

  • With little to no advertising outside my connections and this Hemp Energy Blog. I have been fielding at least one inquiry per week (from locations all over the World- mainly USA)  who are interested in the one pass hemp harvesting machine.  As well as my continued exploration into the end uses of Lignin.  I happily report that one part of the inventions has been suggested by a recent company as it relates to end fiber "softness" being a major factor!   Part of this process involves having test plants.  4 of the 6 are going strong (I killed 1 and 1 didn't sprout) (Kenaf plants are now 8in tall, developed the 2nd set of leaves).
Kenaf plants are now 8in tall, developed the 2nd set of leaves

  I am extremely happy with the direction that MOhemp Energy and MOhemp Hazmat company endeavors are leading.
  MOhemp Energy sends out this invitation to the World, to join in these much needed endeavors.  We can make some money, help people and the planet at the same time!
The MOhemp Energy startup is looking all that more appealing when the current Federal and State of Missouri  Legislation and active bills that relate to Medical Cannabis, Industrial Hemp, Cannabis cures Cancer, PTSD treatment with Cannabis (Facebook hear a Missouri USA Veteran tell how Cannabis helped his PTSD).

In closing I believe MOhemp has a very bright future. 
 If you would like to join in this endeavor send email, call, or use the contact form and I will be in touch!  Scotty

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