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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Eliminating Future Missouri Hemp Bottlenecks

I realized a while back- it will not be: If Hemp will grow in our State, but what to do with the Hemp that will be grown in Missouri
If [Missouri] Farmers cannot turn these plants into actual income streams, it doesn’t matter how great of a plant it is and how much it will help everyone. Lack of established resources that can turn Hemp plants into useable goods is a bottleneck that could possibly hinder Missourians from earning the income that Hemp will bring. Being Proactive by addressing this bottleneck I feel will be key for this upcoming industry and the job opportunities it will bring to Missouri Residents all around the State. Scotty- MOhemp Energy
This inspired me to figure out a way to do what huge multi-million Hemp factory machines do in the field and per David Bovis: 
Processing Hemp in the field could be the Holy Grail needed in the Hemp Industry. During a conversation David and I were having with Zev Paiss past President of the National Hemp Association, Mr Bovis shared this information: 
Scotty has ideas in principle that would, without exaggeration, revolutionise post-harvest processing and reduce the production costs by  such a margin they would become almost negligible by comparison to current processing methods common in the industry
The Hemp Farming Invention I have been working on adds one more income producing step of removing the valuable Lignin from the Hemp plant.
MOhemp Energy wants to work with Missouri Farmers interested in growing Hemp in Missouri.

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