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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Turnkey Cold Storage Hemp Processing Facility Including State-of-the-Art Equipment

  What a nice setup they built here that is now for sale, In reading the product descriptions there are many opportunities to Turn plant materials into useful products that support a Farming or Gardening Business!  
  1. This property is a premier CBD extraction and purification facility formerly occupied by Folium Biosciences. 62% of the facility, or 67,428 SF,
  2. is dedicated cold storage space with 43,828 SF usable for deep freezing. The current build-out is suitable to continue as a hemp processing
  3. facility and/or can be potentially adapted for other types of food and/or chemical extraction/processing. All machinery and equipment are
  4. newer and custom designed using proprietary technology by Netherlands-based FeyeCon, a provider specializing in carbon dioxide
  5. supercritical technology. The newly remodeled facility is FDA-registered and has capacity to produce up to 15,000 kilos of oil per month for
  6. both full and broad-spectrum CBD products. The site also features expansive warehousing capabilities with in place racking and towering
  7. ceiling heights up to 47'. The premium office space includes an industrial kitchen, conference room, cafeteria and executive offices.


Harvest, Process & Production Equipment

  • (4) 2019 FeyeCon Co2 Extraction Systems and Winterization Units
  • 3-Vessel Dinnissen Process Technology Bulk Unloading and Blending System with Celsius Screw Heat Exchanger
  • 2019 Wintersteiger LD350 Thresher
  • 2020 Kice Finisher and Milling, Cyclones and Blowers
  • Boldin and Lawson Mini Flat Filler
  • CE International Vibratory Separator
  • M.W. Watermark Filter Press
  • Supersack Unloading System with Nederman Fume Extractor
  • Kice Bulk Separators
  • 2018 Across International Rotary Evaporators
  • 2018 CB Mills Solvent Recovery Systems, RHS-250
  • UIC Short Path Distillation Unit
  • 2018 Stainless Steel Pressure Rated Processors, Stainless Jacketed, Agitated Tanks and Storage Vessels with Large Quantity of Diaphragm Pumps and Portable Stainless Vessels
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Filter Skids
  • High Shear Dispersion Mixers
  • Complete Softgel Production Lines with Mixers, Encapsulation, Polishing, Drying
  • All Stainless Continuous Belt Dryer
  • Vanguard Tablet / Capsule Counters
  • Packaging Lines with Slat Fillers, Torque Cappers, Induction Sealing, Labeling, Metal Detection and Tamper Evident Sleeving

Mechanical Systems

  • Thermal Care Chiller Skids with Reservoir & Pump Skids
  • 2019 Atlas Copco Air Systems for Compressed Air & Vacuum
  • Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps Throughout
  • Multiple Vulcatherm Temperature Control Units
  • 40 Ton Air Cooled Chilling Unit
  • (3) Gunther Condensation Units
  • Delta T Temperature Control Systems (Some Still in Crates)

Lab Equipment

  • Applied Biosciences MDS SCIEX API 4000 Mass Spectrometer
  • HPLC Systems
  • Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R
  • Pro-Lab Exhaust Hoods
  • California Pro Light Panels
  • Multiple Digital Floor & Tabletop Scales
  • Environmental Chambers & Ovens
  • Stainless Steel Tables and Shelves

Rolling Stock

  • Multiple Semi Refer-Trailers
  • Volvo Semi Tractor
  • Kentworth, Freightliner & Ford Box Trucks
  • GMC 2500HD Truck

Material Handling

  • Raymond Straddle Stacker Forklifts
  • Hyster & Linde Propane & Electric Forklifts
  • Crown & Raymond Electric Pallet Jacks
  • Floor Scrubbers
  • Electric Walkies
  • Large Quantity Teardrop Style Pallet Racking with Pallet Supports


  • Office Furniture Including Executive Suites, Cubicles, Artwork, Chairs, Couches, Tables, Storage/Shelving
  • Electronics Including New Laptop Computers, Printers, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Chargers, Etc. 


Additional information available at www.hilcorealestate.com


Preview InformationOctober 27 & November 10.
By Appointment Only. All inspection attendees must be registered by Hilco.

Sale DateOffers Due by 17 November 2022

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