Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Statewide Farming with MOHemp

Scotty writes- MOhemp can be a successful venture on a smaller scale.  Per the Oregon Study and what the Colorado hemp growers have accomplished in the past few years (see preceding blog posts).  It is possible to make money in the Industrial Hemp business.

What differentiates MOhemp from other business models is the total Farm-to-Market approach for the finished goods.  And the reasoning behind the importance of building and operation of the MOhemp Hemp processing facility and its Statewide approach that enlists Farmers statewide.

This is part if the quandary that I'm dealing with. 
1-I've received an offer to operate and manage a hemp farm in Arizona. 
2-I've also received investment and business solicitation from outside the USA.
3-I could grow Industrial Hemp on a small farm.

To truly make a difference in cutting pollution will require: more than one small farms production of hemp seeds for nonpolluting biodiesel and energy efficient building products. 

I'll admit a small scale hemp operation will have benefits that a large scale hemp business would entail.  But then I would really only be helping myself.  I wouldn't be helping Missouri Farmers statewide grow their own non polluting Fuel. And or- I wouldn't be building more than 1 energy efficient home per year. 

I truly want to make a difference on a grand scale-  Jobs, Income, Pollution Free Energy, Green Buildings for more than just myself.  Which is why I'm seeking partners and investors for MOhemp.

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