Monday, June 29, 2015

Hemp Seed as Poultry Feed Page 13

Broilers-Up to 20% dried and crushed hemp seeds have been used successfully in broiler diets and resulted in higher breast, leg and thigh weight. This positive effect has been linked to the combination of a good protein and lipid quality associated to other beneficial properties, such as the lack of trypsin inhibitors and the antioxidant activity. Feeding broilers with hemp seed powder at 20% resulted in better feed conversion ratio, higher live-weight gain and lower age at slaughter, and lower mortality rate.

Laying hens With hens fed on 20% of cold-pressed hemp seed meal, no significant differences were found between feed treatments for egg production, feed consumption, feed efficiency, body weight change or egg quality. Increasing dietary inclusion of hemp seed meal produced eggs with lower concentrations of palmitic acid and higher concentrations of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids

Reference: Khan et al., 2010), Silversides et al., 2005,

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