Monday, June 29, 2015

Missouri Farm Size Crop Acres Page 9

Estimated Hemp yields using 2014 State Agriculture overview Missouri May 21,2015 (corn & soybean)

  • There are 97,700 farm operations that operate 28,300,000 acres, with an average farm size of 290 acres. The two main grain crops grown in the state are corn and soybeans for this estimate they will be used exclusively in the comparison to the estimated Hemp yield.

  • Soybeans 5,650,000 acres with 46.5 bushel per acre average, the soybean production has an estimated value of $2,604,000,000 or $10 per bushel. (Value of $465 / acre)

  • Grain Corn  3,500,000 acres with 186 bushel per acre average valued at $2,137,512,000 or $3.40 per bushel. (Value of $632,40 / acre)

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