Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5th Milestone Accomplished StartUP update

The Industrial Hemp Invention that Scotty has been working on has made it to the prototype financing approval stage.  As I write this blog post my connection informed me that he did not see any trouble in the Investors not approving the budget to build the machine.  He is meeting with his partners and will have a yes or no answer in the next few days.

I'm on pins and needles to say the least.  All those sleepless nights, the 15 pounds of weight I've lost, and hours spent on the startup are about to pay dividends and assist the Hemp Industry in becoming a powerhouse player in the Ag Commodity business.

His exact words were: 
Its not like you are asking for multi-million dollar investment like some of the other inventors have approached my company with.  I see no reason they will not approve the funds to build the prototype.

If you think I'm betting the farm with this one company- think again.  I've always had a backup plans to build the prototype.  This is not the only company I'm working with or people interested in the design and invention.   They are just the only company working in the USA that has shown interest.  Like I mentioned previously in other blog posts my EU hemp connection who claimed: "Your Invention could be the Holy Grail of the Hemp Industry".  He has opened the door to established players in the Hemp Industry in Canada, Europe, and New Zealand who are also interested in the invention.

So one way or another my hemp invention will soon be a reality and available to anyone who would like to get in the hemp business.  The beauty of the invention is that it eliminates the high cost of processing equipment needed.

Stay Tuned more info will be available in the near future.

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Scotts Contracting said...

Your comment was called out!
On this post: How To Build Your Resilience To Be An Entrepreneur

" After years of living my life in accordance of the thinking reflected in the bullet points in the article has lead me to my first prototype invention that is being considered by Industry Leaders in the Industrial Hemp Industry who are discussing the financing of the prototype as I write this (I'm a nervous wreck).

And that invention is not even the big one that could revolutionize the energy industry in re to future advancements in electronics. And just as one adviser said: "You can't save the world" I thought "bull shit" I can and will. Thats a little stretch though- my inventions may not save the world but it will damn sure assist in lowering the carbon footprint of the USA. I may earn a little $ but the true benefits will come from doing my part in the climate change battle we all are facing in the near future.

Mucho Graci ous to the author for reinforcing the foundation of my beliefs.

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