Friday, July 31, 2015

Adviser Spoke-I was all ears

This isn't a word by word quote in the order we talked about things, its just how my mind seemed to examine and digest the wisdom before I make a financial mistake and how I've solved a few of the issues needed to address and overcome that he mentions in re to the MOhemp Energy Mobile Processing Station.

(1) the USA market is not ready for mass use from end users of Industrial Hemp in America.

(2) Competition from outside USA where labor is cheap in production of (example) Hemp fibers or hurds makes for a tough sale in USA. Especially since we don't manufacture much and demand is low right now.

(3) Hemp is so disruptive to so many businesses our Govt would rather pass Medical cannabis than Industrial Hemp -which is completely backwards to conventional wisdom.

(4) Hemp products are/is expensive in USA. If for example Hemp became legal to grow Nationwide the price of seeds would go sky high due to supply and demand and there wouldn't be enough seeds to meet this demand.

(5) There are existing Canadian buyers of Hemp Hurds but the price is so low because of the existing Lumber supplies that are fulfilling and meeting this need right now- is what prohibits a more widespread use of Hemp OSB panels.

He mentioned more but I feel that is enough background from someone who has 15 plus years more experience than myself in the Hemp and Flax Industry.

Now I see why it is important to have Advisers to a startup and I realized a few things that I have done wrong in presenting my startup business plan, that has been evolving night and day as I put the final pieces of the puzzle together.

  • I need to do a better job of explaining the MOhemp Energy system and processes of the Mobile Processing System that eliminates the $14,000,000 Hemp processing plant- such as the one planned in Oklahoma.
  • The Numbers not the Inventions need to clear and understandable.
  • I have to have end product users (pre-arranged). More than likely this is supplying an existing manufacture a raw material.

in the next MOhemp Blog Post I will go in details on
how I have considered and overcame all his suggestions
by the Mobile Hemp Processing System. The only thing
I've yet to solve is the end product buyers.
They will be the last piece needed to the puzzle.

Here are some more pieces to the big puzzle on why Industrial Hemp is gaining ground in the USA

Hemp For Victory 2016

Big clue today July 31, 2016: Ukraine- lots of Hemp seeds, needs income. Russia, cut aid to Ukraine. I'm putting 2+2 together.

I predict: Hemp For Victory Round 2, Spring Planting 2016.

Bringing back Industrial Hemp will jump-start American jobs and Small business and Make it disruptive to the existing biz as usual for American Big Companies- who also are the Republicans Repukitans base for the $$$ polluting the Politics of the USA.

Taking power away from big businesses who are and did sell out the American workers by outsourcing jobs overseas. President Obama realizes this and also realizes that by legalizing both Medical and Industrial Cannabis he is ultimately giving the people a fighting chance against the powers who have keep the average Americans struggling and under the thumb of Big Business Interest and overshadowed their voices in Washington and Life in the real World.

Will Hemp For Victory Round 2 be the cure all for America's Ills? Maybe not all but it will damn sure help a few. And I personally can't wait to work directly with the Farmers who will lead the resurgence of American Productivity and jobs that all start on the Farm! The added benefits will be the lessening of the grip that big business has on Washington.

Remember all these new Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis ventures are small new disruptive businesses that will take the power or $ money $ out of the big business coffers.

Hemp For Victory Round 2 coming spring 2016- in time for planting season. Are you prepared to meet this new demand?

I am Scotty MOhemp Energy.

“We are now involved in trying to figure out ways in which we might be able to use the industrial hemp seeds that are created in the Ukraine in the U.S.,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said yesterday in an interview. 

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