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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hemp vs Corn and Soybeans Monetary Value Page 20

Income over Operating Costs/Acre
Income over Total Costs/Acre

Income over Operating Cost/Acre
Income over Total Costs/Acre

2) Fiber Hemp / Acre
-116 to 473
3) Seed Hemp / Acre
-136 to 604
2) Various sources priced dry, defoliated stalks at $60 to $125 per metric ton. 3)One source estimated returns at $60 to $171 per acre for seed (for oil and feed), while another estimated seed returns at $800 per acre (2,000 pounds per acre at 40 cents per pound). Source: McNulty.
  • One Bushel of Soybean Produces: 1.5 gallons of soy oil AND 48 pounds of soybean meal, which supplies 21 pounds of protein animal feed. Industrial uses of soybean are inks, plastics, solvents and biodiesel.
  • University of Missouri Crop Resource Guide-5 year average annual value of Missouri corn production between 2010 and 2014 $2,028,491,200.00 http://crops.missouri.edu/audit/corn.htm#budget,
  • Missouri Soybean Facts Five-year average annual value of Missouri soybean production between 2010 and 2014a $2,476,185,600 http://crops.missouri.edu/audit/soybean.htm,

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