Monday, November 28, 2016

Hemp Biomass Pellets Save Trees

Hemp Supplies Clean Burning Biomass Energy

Hemp also grows faster than trees and makes superb clean energy biomass energy pellets.
MOhemp Kenya Investor infographic biomass income projection
MOhemp Kenya will sell clean energy hemp biomass
and is seeking Clean Energy Investors and can meet the EU prices 

Here is an image of the estimated projected $$$ for the Wood Pellet Market.  Orange Arrows and Notation by scotty
Here is an image of the estimated projected $$$ for the Wood Pellet Market.  Orange Arrows and Notation by scotty
Wood Pellet Image Source:


Anonymous said...

So, Sweden as one of the largest wood pellet consumers imported around 300 thousand tons of Russian wood pellets last year, wherein the total imports of the country amounted to 550 thousand tons. As of April, 2014 the country purchased 30% of the total last year’s volume. Meanwhile, Sweden has been increasing its wood pellet production capacity, as it intends to completely switch to biofuels by 2020. In Sweden today the share of renewable energy is already more than 50%.

MoHemp Kenya said...

Anonymous Thank you for supplying the information and weblink to that greate website on Pellets, Biomass Resources in Ukraine. I found so many interesting tidbits on the website I wish I knew who you were so I could thank you personally. My Best to you and yours Scotty-scottscontracting(at)

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