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Friday, February 1, 2019

Canna Safety and CO2 Extraction

With all the reports of contaminants and toxins from pesticides, heavy metals, etc that are in Cannabis products these days- where some are caused by cannabis phytoremediation abilities.  I requested information from a CO2 Extraction equipment manufacturer in re to contaminants and toxins and what happens during the CO2 extraction process.

 Here are the first round of questions I submitted:

1) can or will the CO2 extraction system separate and remove these somehow or will the contaminants get concentrated by the system?

2) could the CO2 Extraction system be used to remove the Lignin in hemp plant stalks? 

3) in the case of my planned phytoremediation project where I'll be using plants to clean up a Superfund full of Nuclear Waste and Heavy Metals and your equipment is used how would you suggest the system be "decontaminated"  or would I have to have 2 CO2 extraction systems- one for phytoremediation project and one for normal cannabis grow op?

If any MOhemp blog reader has additional info or suggestions please let me know.  It's plainly obvious canna-safety should be addressed.

Scotty, MOhemp Energy.

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