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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Missouri Hemp Agricultural Pilot Rule

PURPOSE: Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program rule 
explains the grower and handler application requirements, selection process, application period, and fees. [Missouri]

It's a failure to not address Canna-Safety and it's no help the Politicians are creating a Harm Not Help industry; instead of a Help Not Harm- thriving CannaBiz circular economy

(1) Each applicant for an Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program
Grower and/or Handler Registration must complete and submit an application for registration on a form provided by the department.

Applications must be postmarked by the deadline for closing the application period. Notice of the open application period will be posted on the department’s website.

(2) Growers engaged in the production and cultivation of agricultural hemp seed shall obtain an agricultural hemp seed production permit.

(3) Handlers engaged in the processing and/or distribution of agricultural hemp seed to registered growers shall obtain an agricultural hemp seed production permit.

(4) Growers and/or handlers must apply for separate registrations for each plot of land, location, facility, or establishment where industrial hemp will be grown or handled.

(5) Completed applications must provide the following information:

(A) The complete legal name, mailing address, email, and phone number of the applicant;

(B) The applicant’s state of residence or state in which the entity is domiciled;

(C) Type of business entity: person, cooperative, or joint venture;

(D) Type of registration: grower or handler;

(E) Request for Agricultural Hemp Seed Production Permit, if applicable

(F) Legal description, street address, and Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates for the plot of land used for cultivating industrial hemp and the industrial hemp storage facility location, if applicable;

(G) Legal description, street address, and Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates for the industrial hemp processing facility and industrial hemp storage facility location, if applicable;

(H) Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates for each variety of industrial hemp planted;

(I) An industrial hemp production, research, and marketing plan;

(J) The application for a grower registration must include submission of:

1. Any evidence of farming experience for the department’s consideration, such as a copy of an IRS Schedule F federal tax form for at least one (1) of the past three (3) years, the applicant’s farm serial number (FSN) issued by the United States Department of Agriculture-Farm Service Agency, or evidence of agricultural education;

2. A detailed map of the plot of land on which the applicant plans to grow industrial hemp, showing the boundaries and dimensions of the growing area in acres and the location of different varieties within the growing area;

3. Requested number of acres for production and cultivation of industrial hemp...

Link to my collection of Missouri Hemp Rules Regs Govt Info free download.

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