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Thursday, January 20, 2022

CBD Safety Research Gummy 1


My latest Hemp Product Safety Research into the ingredients listed on the CBD products being sold by a well known TV person with Hollywood Actors offering their supposed product reviews.

This is post 1 of a series labeled Hemp Safety Research Gummy  that also correlates with other hemp safety posts i have made in re on this blog in addition to the phytoremediation abilities of the great Cannabis Plants and its Ditch-weed Cousin industrial Hemp..  

Re-posted in Full below is the comment i made Hemp Environmental Forums Facebook Web page.  As stated I am not done researching the ingredients, the company, the product, and the entire product line. 

i am sick to death of Big Business using We the People as human test subjects and their never ending piggy bank that sacrifices our safety over profits. Scotty

How can ingredients that I can't even pronounce be healthy? 

This is the ingredient list from a CBD gummie advertisement. What I was looking for in re to this product was the 3rd Party Independent testing info of the plant prior to it being made into CBD.

Call me skeptical or over cautious and I'll agree with you, While nodding my head. I will also look you in the eye and ask- what has the: Medical Industry, Hollywood Actors, Television Spokespeople, Politicians, Main Street Media, FDA, The Agriculture Industry, and or Corporate America ever done that does not have a motive that places the profits over the people?

I was tempted into trying this product.  It's $6 price tag for the CBD gummies and a Tweet from a great friend for an unrelated CBD product enticed  me to click the web link.

After I read a few lines on the Flashy Website, I could feel the inner alarm bells were warming up. And by the time I had read the "same ole, same ole" ad campaign from a celebrity review / spokesperson. Those alarm bells were blarring. 

(To be continued) I'm using my cell phone and it's not the easiest thing for me one thumb type out.  There is more to this story. I'm not done researching, feel the product is safe, or know enough about the only listed product ingredient I can pronounce easily.

I also hope to get Paul's opinion and insight on the ingredients and or product. CBD extraction methods and any other truth bits and advice he may have.

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